Walking Series: Legibility (Storefront IS Hong Kong)

9. 7. 2017

As part of the Storefront International Series Hong Kong, the Walking Series: Legibility was held on Sunday, 9th July 2017.

The Walking Series: Legibility was led by Adonian Chan, Maggie Lin, Brian Kwok, Kevin Mak and Pauline Tsang. Each expert rendered visible and legible a particular layer of the urban fabric and public life. 

Maggie Lin led us on a tour of smells of Sai Ying Pun, observing the eradication of scent as the area was gentrified. Adonian Chan discussed the use of Beiwei Kaishu typography in Sheung Wan, and Brian Kwok explored the neon signs in Wanchai. Kevin Mak took the participants on an interactive tour of North Point, encouraging participants to experience the city from different perspectives. Finally, participants were taken off the streets into the interior, to explore the senses and experiences in an interior space.

Participants: Adonian Chan, Maggie Lin, Brian Kwok, Kevin Mak, Pauline Tsang