Marisa Yiu

Co-founder / Executive Director

MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR As a network of individuals passionate about design and its powerful role in societal's positive transformation, our non for profit initiative, Design Trust supports a diversity of research and “design” projects relating to Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. Design Trust is content focused. “Design” is often misunderstood as only for the privilege, seen as an embellishment or as a service, or a luxury product connected with the commercial sector; however “design” is very much part of our everyday. We see the need for better and ergonomically well-designed public spaces. We are inspired by how the process of designing new technologies can reduce waste and impact our environment. We are intrigued by design scholars who research the history of urban form to allow us to better understand the rapid needs of the future of cities. The processes to achieve “good” positive design outcomes require rigorous methods, insightful design thinking and unique approaches. We envision through these projects a richer dialogue could be fostered and where a culture of experimentation, new ideas and innovative possibilities can build a stronger future. In bringing various communities together, both in the public and private sector, educational arena and across borders, I hope we can advance a spirit of generosity and dialogue within our region and internationally. We advocate for the positive values of design in the role for shaping a better city and region we live in. I am so thrilled to be the first Executive Director and grateful to my fellow co-founders, advisors and board members in the past years who support my transition into this new role for the organisation. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I invite many of you to join, support and raise critical questions as your questions will only help us further advance our small non for profit to reach its mission of supporting innovative investigations and communicating the need for in depth understanding of the design ecology of this region. We truly like to accelerate research, design and development of meaningful projects that advocate for the positive role of design. And these positive values and actions only produce a more robust, creative and stimulating environment. Rooted in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, we are not limited by our territories and borders - but hope and aim to create cross-dialogue and projects that have local meaning and global reach. We entrust in design and the value of design. Look forward to being in touch! -Marisa Yiu