Design Trust Futures Studio is a flagship programme of the DESIGN TRUST, that makes visible the processes and positive role of design in the culture of contemporary design and production. The programme stems from a project-studio concept that promotes life-long collaborations through a mentor-mentee programme and workshop collaboration model. As a cross-disciplinary initiative created and conceptualised by Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust, experts from different fields will contribute to the teams in the exploration of materials, production, and to put forth the positive value of design of public spaces, public/private assets and/or critical issues in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and its relationship globally.

Curated events with visionary participants examining critical contemporary topics of relevance that make positive change to the design of our environment.

These include invitation only dialogues with stakeholders, influencers and panel of advisors. These intimate settings foster a community of exchange relating to the most advanced debates and trends in design.

These community events are formatted as a series of public lectures, design installations, and interactive symposium to present Design Trust grant recipients, their research and findings that our funding enabled.The events, including recent programme Design Trust Futures Studio, aim to encourage interaction, exchange and discussion on a public outreach level.