Ongoing process on Design Trust Futures Studio micro-parks programme for Hamilton Street Rest Garden

17. 6. 2022

Design drawing of Hamilton Street Rest Garden feature signage
Concept rendering of Hamilton Street Rest Garden

With the parks reopening in Hong Kong since April 2022, the design team of Design Trust Futures Studio micro-parks programme for Hamilton Street Rest Garden, continues their efforts in turning the design into reality and making the park as a focal point in the community that celebrates the neighbourhood’s culture of manufacturing and craftsmanship. In order to understand the unique techniques of making in the neighbourhood, the team has been collaborating with makers from local shops to design elements of the park. Key features include the park signage made from a chopping board with Man Kee Chopping Board and the making of feature lights with Bing Kee Copperware are currently in production, stay tuned for more progress updates.

Man Kee Chopping Board
Bing Kee Copperware
Designer mentees at local craftsmen workshop
Mentor Stanley Wong and design team conducting site inspection and prototype check

A testament to cross-disciplinary creative efforts from diverse communities from Hong Kong, the Region and Beyond - Hamilton Street playground concept design “aDaptable” is conceived by DTFS2018 team Mentor and Artist Stanley Wong (Founder and Creative Director, 84000 Communications) with Mentees: Samuel Wong (Architecture and Landscape), Vivian Ng (Industrial and Product Design), Sylvia Chan (Writing and Criticism), Elaine Tsui (Architecture and Landscape), Owen Chim (Environment and Interior Design) and conceptualized by Design Trust Co-founder/ Lead Curator Marisa Yiu. Stay tuned for more updates on Hamilton Street Rest Garden and Sitting-out area under flyover in Hill Road coming soon.