Recent Programme Highlights

26. 6. 2020

Design Trust is grateful for the continued support we receive from the community and being able to share our vision with the industry and the public. Design Trust recently shared views on how Hong Kong’s creative community is adapting to the pandemic as part of Wallpaper’s The World View series, as well as sharing on the topic of “Heritage Spaces, Contemporary Programmes” at a recent virtual panel organised by Art Power.

Art Power Panel Discussion

In April, Co-founder and Executive Director Marisa Yiu attended a panel discussion on the topic of “Heritage Spaces, Contemporary Programs”, joining Tobias Berger, Head of Art, Tai Kwun and Vanessa Cheung, Founder of The Mills and Design Trust Trustee in a discussion moderated by Oliver Giles, Executive Editor of Tatler Asia.

Drawing from experiences within the grant system of Design Trust, Marisa talked about the importance of engaging different partners in cultural activities to be impactful in a positive way. With the lack of community research and archival projects in Hong Kong, Design Trust is proud to have been a keen supporter of various heritage and archival  projects, including 2016 seed grant recipient Adonian Chan’s Beiwei Kaishu (Typography) research, which continues to champion the investigation and revival of this uniquely Hong Kong font that dominated the visual the city’s visual culture for decades. As a result of the research, Adonian Chan has published a book on Beiwei Kaishu and presented a number of public lectures on the work.

2017 Seed Grant recipient Brian Kwok’s "Designing the Spectacle" looks into the artistry of the faded design practices that preceded the crafting of Hong Kong neon signs. The prelude to this research traces the ways in which the artworks came about, inquiring into design techniques and forms of making before the arrival of the personal computer. The project delves deeply into the history of Neon Sign production, its typography and culture based in Hong Kong and in dialogue with other cities around the world. The project presented its findings in an exhibition and a small publication of design work that have been absent or unknown.

In 2019, Design Trust Futures Studio focused on the theme “Heritage is Innovation” and explored the role of contemporary design in culture through examining heritage, sustainability and conservation.

The panelists also shared their insight to cultural engagement through activating heritage sites. Drawing parallels to each other’s work, the discussion led to the importance of engaging the community as well as the vital role these sites play as gathering places for learning, experimentation, innovation and connection.

To watch the full recorded discussion please click here.

Feature on Wallpaper Magazine

Image taken from Wallpaper Magazine online feature (Image courtesy of Wallpaper Magazine)

Design Trust joined Hong Kong’s design mavens Michael Young, Joyce Wang, André Fu, and Adrian Cheng and shared views on how Hong Kong’s creative community is adapting to the pandemic while staying positive and productive as part in the Wallpaper article “World View: Letter from Hong Kong”. The article was part of a new section titled The World View series, which shines light on the creativity and resilience of designers around the world as they confront the challenges wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

‘Design is not just a privileged service industry,’ Marisa shared. ‘It is part of our cultural lives, and can foster social impact, so we need to keep our energy and creativity going in times like these.’ The article shared how Design Trust is playing a part in keeping the momentum going with ongoing projects, including the DTFS micro-parks, which will soon be realised in respective districts.