DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Select Showcase

21. 12. 2020

In celebration of the launch of “DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” Winter Showcase, DESIGN TRUST Champion K11 hosted the Select Showcase at Gold Ball, K11 MUSEA from 11 November 2020 to 6 December 2020. The “DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” Select Showcase features 24 designs that have been selected and developed into limited edition products by Design Trust, select Design Trust Champions (kapok, COLOURLIVING, WOMANBOSS, ZS Hospitality Group) and Collaborating Partners (Andrew Kayla, G.O.D., JIA Group). Each Design Trust Champion brought a unique perspective to the selection process which is reflected through the diversity amongst the selected prototypes whilst still sharing a commonality with the overarching curatorial themes.

Culturally Hong Kong and Beyond

Heritage is not a static subject but a source of inspiration and an opportunity for the continuation of a long-standing narrative. Design plays a significant role in the shaping of visual and cultural stories as it reinterprets and revives a chapter of Hong Kong’s story into a more relevant contemporary expression.

Everyday Challenge of COVID-19

Amidst the ambiguity and uncertainty of today, there have been thoughtful critiques as well as pioneering creations that provide a unifying expression and a useful resource in helping people find greater security, stability and comfort.

Sensory & Wellness

The sudden slowdown of the external world has been met with a build-up of internal frenzy highlighting the growing need for inward reflection and emotional balance. Promoting positive habits for active reflection and physical attunement, focus from the burden of prolonged isolation may be shifted to a radiating hopefulness.

Environment & Upcycling Futures

Glimpses of the natural world are a welcome sight for those confined within concrete walls deep inside the density of the city; during this time of social distance and lockdown, the dichotomy and tension between the fascination with the natural world and our dependence on man-made comforts grow ever stronger.

Educational & Intergenerational Play

As traditional boundaries blur and dynamics in relationships evolve, learning and play are no longer mutually exclusive nor are they solely in the domain of children. Designed to spark conversation and inspire imagination, opportunities for learning are increasingly infused with play as well as creating bonds between generations.

The “DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” Select Showcase also marked the inaugural launch of DESIGN TRUST Milestone Portfolio; the definitive reference of the wide-ranging and deep impact that DESIGN TRUST has had on Hong Kong and its position as a global capital of design. The Milestone Portfolio provides an in-depth review of research projects that the organisation has supported since its establishment in 2014. Across its numerous Feature and Seed Grants, Research Fellowships in partnership with M+ and the RCA, Design Trust Futures Studio’s public space and heritage programmes, and other community projects, DESIGN TRUST has provided funding to support over 130 grantees and fellows on their research across 16 disciplines, projects includes ‘Countryside, The Future’ by AMO and Guggenheim Foundation; ‘Henry Steiner: Cross-cultural Graphic Communication Exhibition’ by HKDI; ‘Social Network Factory’ by People’s Architecture Office; ‘Hong Kong Beiwei Kaishu (Typography) Research Project’ by Adonian Chan, ‘Hong Kong Harbour: Future Sea Craft’ by Christine Lew and Florian Wegenast, and ‘Cao Fei: Blueprints Exhibition’ at the Serpentine Galleries.

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