DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade | Seasonal Sale for This Spring

26. 3. 2021

To recognise the resilience and passion of our designer community - especially our new generation of emerging designers who continues to innovate throughout the pandemic, Design Trust introduced DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade collection last year, and we are offering seasonal sale this spring to continue to bring life and hope to our community. 


Design Trust Family Fun Pack (HKD 1,200)

As schools continue to be impacted by the pandemic and remote learning persists, finding fun and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy has never been more important. Several designers focused on this dynamic in response to the Design Trust Critically Homemade curatorial brief and created innovative and interactive designs that spark conversation as well as inspire imaginations. 


This playful Design Trust Family Fun Pack includes ‘Alright’ which hopes to activate an imagination that extends beyond the constraints of physical space. A three-dimensional puzzle, within which each component is designed in the form of simple shapes and constructed from elemental materials. By design, these components can be put together in limitless constructions, allowing users to exercise their creative freedom to the broadest extent. Combined with elements of light, shadow, and reflection, this prototype allows participants of all ages to piece together their own installations and realize the space, colour, or even painting of their imaginations.  Another playful kit ‘THE LEARNING HOUSE’ by James Shen, Zang Feng, He Zhe, Anouchka van Driel and Olivia Chen, serves as a metaphor and point of inspiration within the reality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. As people remain indoors for their own safety and that of others, the home becomes the pivot of life, it becomes the school, the city and the world all in one. Inspired by their award-winning Plugin House design, the People's Architecture Office has designed a simple activity kit for kids to construct at home to stimulate creativity and exercise fine motor skills. Folded up, The Learning House serves as a little house-shaped protective box. Unfolded, it reveals a whole world from the small space of this home, a whole world that one can colour and make better – something much needed at this time.


[1] 'The Learning House' by James Shen, Zang Feng, He Zhe, Anouchka van Driel & Olivia Chen, People's Architecture Office
[2] 'Alright' by Jason Chan
[3] The Design Trust Milestone Portfolio
[4] DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade tote bag

Design Trust Inspiration Pack (HKD 888)

The Design Trust Inspiration Pack, a quintessential introduction to Design Trust featuring Critically Homemade designs from two former Design Trust Futures Studio 2019 alumni and mentees and grant recipients who have built on their past grant research and Heritage Is Innovation projects to create thoughtful and sustainable products that reflect a unique Hong Kong cultural sensibility. Featuring 'Sensory Fragments 2' by Xavier Tsang and 'Embroidered 'D' Canton Silk' by Polly Ho, as well as Design Trust Milestone Portfolio and the DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Tote Bag, the Design Trust Inspiration Pack is a fitting reminder of the potential of creativity in the face of adversity. 

[1] 'Sensory Fragments 2' by Xavier Tsang, BeCandle
[2] 'Embroidered 'D' Canton Silk' by Polly Ho, Loom Loop
[3] Design Trust Milestone Portfolio
[4] DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade tote bag

In addition to the seasonal sale, one of the Design Trust Futures Studio mentors Stanley Wong’s (anothermountainman) limited edition prints ‘when i see mountains” offer a sense of tranquility and expresses our shared longing for interaction with people and nature. This photo art book on ‘mountains’ are not real mountains, but a collection of 20 photos of the city, capturing water marks on walls, a wire fence, a wood bench, a plastic water hose, to name a few. 

[1] LIMITED EDITION print “when I see mountains, they are mountains 3” by anothermountainman
[2] LIMITED EDITION print “when I see mountains, they are mountains 5” by anothermountainman

Blending familial love and symbolisms of hope and good fortune, “SIN3 SIN3” by Design Trust Feature Grantee as well as Design Trust Futures Studio 2019 Mentee Elaine Yan Ling Ng, also lends itself to a mythical story of the enchanted fan, guiding us through the treacherous year with our ever-changing climates and environments, reaching for new hope and a breath of fresh air.


“SIN3 SIN3” is inspired by the traditional Pankha, a handheld woven fan that mimics the wings of a bird which produces a draft when flapped. Adding a modern twist to the traditional Pankha, “SIN3 SIN3” blends 3D printing technology and traditional hand tufting techniques.

“SIN3 SIN3” by Elaine Ng

More innovative designs are available online at our e-PopUp. All proceeds go to support Design Trust’s community mission. Support us!