Design Trust Announces New Studio Space and Welcomes New Board Members: Elizabeth Chu and Jonathan Cheung

21. 3. 2022

Design Trust is pleased to announce and share with gratitude a generous gift by Trustee Ms. Elizabeth Chu, and incoming new board member starting June 2022, for her extraordinary support and ongoing commitment. Since the founding of Design Trust initiative in 2014, Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director), is proud and honoured to share this momentous occasion along with Kamsen Lau (Chairman, Board of Design Trust). Design Trust continues to expand on community outreach and sincere interest to archive and showcase the visionary work of grantees in this 1500 sq. ft. office & studio. Design Trust also thanks Kamsen Lau and Denise Lau for further support to the establishment of the new space.

Pocket Garden by Julie & Jesse created for “Design Trust: Critically Homemade" initiative
Publication of Design Trust Seed Grant Hong Kong Beiwei Kaishu (Typography) Research Project by Adonian Chan
Prototypes of Design Trust Futures Studio 2019 Feature Carpet Design by Designer Mentee Elaine Yan Ling Ng
Elizabeth Chu, Mary Chu and Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director) at the new Design Trust office and exhibition area.

With the new permanent home, Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director), Kamsen Lau (Chairman, Board of Design Trust) and the Board of Directors are also excited to welcome new members to the Board: Ms Elizabeth Chu and Mr Jonathan Cheung. Both have been involved and generously committed as Trustee, Benefit Committee member and will advise future strategies of Design Trust growth in the region and internationally.

Elizabeth Chu, Chairlady of Hong Kong-based ZS Hospitality Group, runs award-winning restaurants including MICHELIN-starred Hansik Goo, Whey, Ying Jee Club and more. She holds a BSocSc degree from the University of Hong Kong, and turns her passion for food into a thriving business through bringing innovative and original concepts to the city’s dining scene. She is also the CEO of Capital Advance Limited, with a primary focus on property development projects in both Hong Kong and Vietnam. The company is affiliated to the Vietnam-based VTP Group in which she is a member of the BOD. VTP was established in 1991 as a real estate company and has since been expanded into masterplan, hospitality, infrastructure, tourism, and financial services.

Jonathan Cheung (JC) first became involved with the art world as a collector of contemporary art. Alongside his role as Partner at Art-Bureau, JC is a devoted supporter of art through his global activities with international institutions. He currently sits on the Asia-Pacific Acquisition Committee of Tate and the Council of Serpentine Galleries, where he was originally a founding member of the Asian Council. In Hong Kong and Asia, JC sits on the International Council for Visual Art of M+ Museum, where he is also a founding patron. JC is an executive committee member of the Society of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Additionally, JC is a founding member of the Asia Art Archive Women in Art History Fund, a platform to support research on archives about women in art in Asia.

DESIGN TRUST would also like to thank Alan Lo and Joyce Tam for their continuous support as board members in the last years. Alan Lo, who was the chairman of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design (HKAoD), established Design Trust with Marisa Yiu (Co-founder, Lead Curator/Executive Director) in 2013 with an internal working group before the official launch of Design Trust initiative in 2014. With commitment to serve as a dynamic platform that promotes creativity at the confluence of public education and the creative industries, under Alan’s leadership as chairman of Design Trust between 2014-2020 and as Chairman of HKAoD from 2008 to 2014, Design Trust has grown strength to strength and launched impactful partnerships including the M+/Design Trust Research Fellowship and grants programmes. Joyce Tam joined the board of directors Design Trust in 2014, and has since been one of our greatest supporters in all programmes and activities. We are most grateful for Alan and Joyce’s leadership and contribution and welcome them to join the trustee community 2022.


Design Trust also thanks the continuing support of the wider advisory and trustee community enhancing the work of the leadership and staff team:

2022 Board of Directors and Leadership Team: Kamsen Lau (Chairman, Board of Design Trust), Marisa Yiu (Co-founder, Lead Curator/Executive Director), Ivan Pun, Gabriela Kennedy, Denise Lau, Elizabeth Chu and Jonathan Cheung.

Trustees: Victor Lo, Jennifer Liu, Daryl Ng, Adrian Cheng, Yama Chan, Joanne Chow, Yvette Ho, Jimmy Chan, Vanessa Cheung, Angelina Kwan, Desiree Au, Ariel Shartkman, Bosco Law, Justin Ng, Alan Lo, Joyce Tam, Chinachem Group and Chuang’s Consortium International Limited.

International Advisory Council: Beatrice Leanza, David Gianotten, Eva Franch, Lars Nittve, Liu Xiaodu, Lyndon Neri, Rodman Primack, Thomas Heatherwick, Tom Dixon and Zoë Ryan.

Greater Bay Area Design Council: Aric Chen, Arnault Castel, Andrew Au, Cole Roskam, Clara Brito, Eric Schuldenfrei, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Human Wu, Leslie Lu, Kate Jones, Keith Lam, Keith Tam, Marc Cansier, Ole Bouman, Rong Zhao, Suzy Annetta, Stephanie Poon, Tat Lam, William To and Winnie So.