Design Trust 2019 | THE ARCHIGRAM CITY

19. 12. 2019



Design Trust collaborated with legendary architectural studio Archigram to recreate their signature portable metropolis for Design Trust Gala 2019. Commissioned exclusively for Design Trust, the new work of art and environment, themed ‘The Archigram City’, was unveiled at Kerry Hotel, a subsidiary of The Shangri-La Group in Hong Kong who is our Venue and Food & Beverage Partner. The installation and event benefited Design Trust, a non-profit dedicated to creating platforms that support and stimulate the positive process of design through grant-making, community engagement, and the promotion of creative expression in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area region.


Original Archigram partners Sir Peter Cook and Dennis Crompton created a series of multi-sensory and participatory installations generated from Archigram’s archival works and drawings. Incorporating many of Archigram themes such as Walking City, Plug-in City, Computer City, Layer City and Instant City - visionary ideas that have increasingly found their way into reality - guests were invited to engage and interact with their surreal surroundings and contribute to a final, new work of art. Employing Archigram’s enthusiasm for technology and devices that make life simpler and more satisfying, an atmosphere of colour, inventiveness and optimism was designed with the guest experience in mind. 


‘The Archigram City’ brought together visitors to a dynamic green screen where they were photographed and later collaged into a composite overlaid on to Archigram’s famous Monte Carlo 1970s drawing, referencing the group’s early works. Once visitors were captured, a mega-collage was created and projected onto the hotel ballroom large LED screen.


The immersive environment featured works from Design Trust’s Hong Kong grantees - dtby_, SKY YUTAKA, New Office Works and HKDHNet. Inspired by the graphics and motifs from Archigram’s Info-Gonks and Cushicle and Suitaloon, dtby_ constructed retro-futuristic props from salvaged technology and goods, and brought the avatars to life. Hong Kong Design History Network turned Archigram’s most signature works into digital intervention by equipping guests with exclusive themed social media stickers and gifs. Apart from designing the inaugural Design Trust Legacy Award’s trophy, New Office Works adapted their city-centred everyday filmic footages of Hong Kong escalator’s and palm trees with the Creative Directors’ important collages. SKY YUTAKA, presented ‘Borrowed Nature’, a kinetic installation that explores the interconnected nature of today’s increasingly digitalised landscape as an extension of their work adapting to the theme.


To advocate for positive values of design, an inaugural Design Trust Legacy Award was launched by Chairman of Board Alan Lo, and presented to the late Dr. Tao Ho in recognition of his significant contributions the industry. Dr. Ho, was the mastermind behind the Hong Kong bauhinia emblem, as well as a pioneer of socially-driven architecture and design. The Design Trust Legacy Award 2019 trophy is designed by grantees Paul Tse and Evelyn Ting from New Office Works, and produced by world renowned Czech glass and lighting brand LASVIT.


‘Hong Kong holds a special place—its cityscape is an embodiment of originality and audacity with the dynamic visual impacts from blazing displays, layerings and sky-high structures,’ says Sir Peter Cook. ‘In this collaboration with Design Trust, we are delighted to see the local young talents coming together and bringing a transformative symbiosis to the design community.’


‘This year’s theme is a testament of our collective imagination and creativity. We are so grateful to have worked closely with Archigram’s Sir Peter Cook and Dennis Crompton. Archigram’s seminal 1960s work coupled with mentorship to Design Trust’s Hong Kong Grantees, along with their former students from Bean Buro, contributed to this unique architectural environment which will have a life beyond the Gala. Our aim was to create a positive physical and emotional impact that transport guests to a hopeful, better way of living which feels timely and necessary for us here and right now,’ said Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust.


‘The Archigram City’ brought together the region’s creative talents and connoisseurs for an evening to support the registered charity, DESIGN TRUST an initiative of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, now in its 12th year. Guests were welcomed with a dynamic green screen where they were photographed, later used to improvise a psychedelic composite, overlaid on to Archigram’s famous Monte Carlo 1970s drawing with reference to the group’s early works. The mega collage was then presented to the audience on a large LED screen at the event gala ballroom.


Inspired by the work of Archigram, multimedia artist Rosey Chan created a powerful 15-minute performance entitled ‘Parallel Narrative’. It combines her virtuoso piano composition and technology with visuals, and debuted at the gala for the first time with performance collaborator Eyal Gever and dancer Sharon Eyal.


After the gala a surprise exhibition was unveiled where a number of drawings from the ARCHIGRAM archives were displayed, a teaser to their work which was recently acquired by M+ Museum in Hong Kong in March 2019, and will be officially shown to the public when the museum opens. ‘The Archigram City’ installation will migrate to a university location in February 2020 to engage public, and the student community.


Design Trust would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Board Members, Benefit Committee Members, Patrons, Creative Directors, Sponsors including Shangri-La Group, and all partners and auction lot donors for their generous patronage that will help to shape and set a positive momentum for Design Trust.



Co-chairs: Alan Lo, Marisa Yiu, Ivan Pun, Rosey Chan

Benefit Committee Members: Alfred Lam, Andrew den Oudsten, Desiree Au, David Au, Geoffrey Chuang, Inna Rodchenko-Highfield, Jason Basmajian, Jonathan Cheung, Joyce Tam, Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Sean Fitzpatrick, Shera Law, Stefan Rihs, Talenia Phua Gajardo


The Design Trust Gala 2019 Organisers and Sponsors

Lead Organiser: Design Trust

Creative Director: Archigram, Sir Peter Cook and Dennis Crompton

Venue and Food & Beverage Partner: Shangri-La Group

Partners: The Ad Region, Phillips (auctioneers since 1796), Helu-Trans (HK) Pte. Ltd., Midas Printing International Limited, Altaya Wines, Perrier-Jouët Champagne, The Artling, Signature Communications, Bean Buro, Lasvit, Tom Lee Music, KaChick, CamronPR, Dezeen, Hong Kong Tatler and Vogue HK.

Design Trust Gala 2019 pledge video