056 breathe color

Designed by: Savinee Buranasilapin, thingsmatter

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust


Pandemic shutdowns have accelerated life trajectories by erasing calendars. Young professionals have lived like retirees: house-bound and listless, eyes glued to the screen where actuarial tables are updated in real time. Fashion is forgotten, rendered as irrelevant as whatever day this is.  In Thailand, where extended families often live together, the young are incarcerated with elderly relatives.  Improbable traditions are transmitted in confinement, like dressing in bright colours corresponding to each weekday.  Rooted in Hindu Astrology, this quaint custom turns out to be a weapon against dementia: it forces us to interact with time, acknowledging that while nothing seems to change, today is Wednesday.  Green! 

thingsmatter's polychrome facemasks register time, by marking the day of the week, and by connecting generations. Sunday is red, Monday is yellow, Tuesday is pink, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange, Friday is blue, and Saturday is purple.

Image Credit: Savinee Buranasilapin, thingsmatter

Website: thingsmatter