038 “CAN” Play

Designed by: Kevin Siu, Shuyan Chan and Bob Pang, AaaM Architects

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


Families and children have occasionally been in lockdown during COVID-19, where stress and anxiety can easily build up. While the introduction of digital devices for children could be an easy solution, they are proven to be unhealthy to their long-term development, calling for an alternative, universally accessible, low cost and tactile-based solution. 

‘“CAN” play’ is an open-end adaptive toy system in which sustainability and play are combined to unleash children’s unlimited creativity. AaaM Architects’ concept provides a means for the reuse of aluminium cans, which become basic building “blocks” for kids while a system of joints is developed to allow flexible adaption and multi-directional connection. The design encourages the idea of learning by failing, while also facilitating collaboration and creative expression.

Image Credit: Kevin Siu, Shuyan Chan and Bob Pang, AaaM Architects

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