011 TWO O’s

Designed by: Manuel Corriea da Silva and Luanha Tavares de Almeidae

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


‘TWO O’´s is the result of a design exercise born during the lockdown imposed by COVID-19 and explores the extreme scenario where individuals are forced to survive with what they have at home. To Manuel Correia da Silva and Luanha Tavares de Almeida, these circumstances highlight the wasteful use of basic resources in our society, who aim to raise awareness of water conservation and encourage a joint effort from all citizens.

Noting that most of Hong Kong’s daily domestic freshwater consumption per capita is consumed for bathing, the solution designed is a device that allows for the use of a 5L water bottle to be reused as a water collector container in the shower, allowing for the collected water to be reused in other situations such as watering plants, floor cleaning, etc.

Image Credit: Manuel Corriea da Silva and Luanha Tavares de Almeidae

Website: This Is My City