Design Trust Seed Grant

Gyo Byu Pipeline Initiative

Blue Temple

For the recently open country of Myanmar, urban development on a socially responsible path is crucial for its well-being. In Yangon, pedestrians are unconsidered in the motor vehicle urban plan. The idea of creating a pedestrian highway would promote alternative circulation networks. The project is proposing a linear car-free pathway along an existing above-ground water pipeline. Along the promenade, special punctuations were designed to upgrade the various surrounding programs including: enlargement of a school’s playground, extension of the adjacent local restaurant, shading and resting area for the existing sport field, decent sheltering for the homeless families living there, facilitating the current urban farming and creating gathering space for the residents. Locally prefabricated bamboo modules have been designed in a collaboration between Taiwanese and Burmese university students.

About Raphaël Monnier and Calvin Wang

Having lived seven years in China, Raphaël has shown strong interest towards Mandarin and Chinese culture that lead him in attending a year in a fully immersed boarding Chinese high school in Beijing. Later graduated from the architecture department of McGill University in Canada, Raphaël worked for two years at “Richard Bliah Associates” architecture company in Tokyo whose director was the first foreign licensed architect in Japan. During this time, he has worked on a couple laureate winning large-scale Chinese urban-planning competitions, the design of the new headquarters of PASONA group downtown Tokyo, and other private commissions across Japan. In December 2016, he came to Yangon and co-founded Blue Temple, architecture and interior design group with Calvin Wang. Today, he specializes in urban data analysis, parametric architecture and public space design.

Born in north-eastern Myanmar, in Shan state, Calvin later grew up in Mandalay. After graduating in interior design from Chuang Yuan University in Taiwan, he started working in Taipei for 5 years in an architecture and interior design company. Later, was part of the Jusco shopping mall design for 2 years in Hong Kong and Ito Yokato for 2 years in Chengdu China. He also self studied interior design and worked as part time for volunteer homeless shelter in London for a year. Upon his return to China, Calvin went to Shanghai and worked as interior designer for 15 years mostly in the F&B industry. He returned to Myanmar and co-founded Blue Temple interior and architecture design company with Raphael Monnier in Yangon.

Blue Temple was created as a platform where urban planners, architects, interior designers, artists, students and others can connect and work together on projects mostly located in Myanmar.