Design Trust Appoints Marisa Yiu As Executive Director

19. 9. 2016


Design Trust is excited to welcome, and announce the appointment of Marisa Yiu as Executive Director, to elevate the positive role of design in Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta region (GPRD). Yiu will spearhead the creation of long-term and meaningful platforms to fund innovative and thought-provoking projects on a wide range of disciplines, ranging from graphics, media, architecture to the urban environment in Hong Kong and GPRD.

Yiu is keen to see more designers and scholars from Hong Kong apply for our grants, and also collectives that want to partner with HK/PRD designers, who come from other parts of China, Europe or the US — to focus on projects in this region and advance the discussion on the role of design, having not only a local impact but international outreach. With her team, she is planning some new initiatives that will highlight the process of design and generate more awareness on multidisciplinary approaches to public space, design engagement, and issues relevant to the context of the Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

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