Upcoming: Design Trust X Storefront for Art and Architecture – Storefront International Series: Hong Kong

6. 6. 2017

Design Trust is excited to announce that from the 7th-9th of July we are collaborating with the New York-based Storefront for Art and Architecture, bringing the first ever Storefront International Series to Asia and Hong Kong. As part of the Storefront International Series: Hong Kong (Storefront IS Hong Kong), a public review for Design Trust Futures Studio, our new flagship programme created and conceptualized by Co-founder and Executive Director Marisa Yiu, will also be held on 8th July.

Storefront IS Hong Kong is a three-day series of events that take place in contested sites across the city of Hong Kong, while addressing the most pressing issues in the construction of public life in the region. Local and global agents from different fields present and discuss their ideas and observations on various sites throughout the city in order to articulate some of the most relevant questions of the cultural and physical landscapes in contemporary southern Asia. Going beyond social, disciplinary or ideological boundaries, Storefront IS Hong Kong aims to break established lines of division to produce spaces of collective thought, reflection and ultimately, action.

Presented as the “Definition Series” and “Manifesto Series”, the Design Trust Futures Studio Public Review on 8th July will see the programme’s mentors and designer-mentees present their definition for smallness and their conceptual ideas for future micro parks. Members of the public are welcome to join the two sessions.

There will be live-streaming and public events throughout the city from the 7th-9th July, so join us to celebrate innovative art, architecture, and design that transcends geographic, ideological, and disciplinary boundaries. Stay tuned for more details!