Design Trust Community Tour 2020 by Stanley Wong

11. 1. 2020

Design Trust Community Tour 2019 by Stanley Wong
'Time Will Tell' Guided Tour & "Dance Goes On" Screening
Date: 2020.01.11 (Saturday)
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Thank you Stanley Wong aka anothermountainman and DESIGN TRUST FUTURES STUDIO 2017-2018 mentor supporting designer mentees on microparks. Recently, he shared with our community his 40-year journey in design and his perspective on time, process and connections. Exhibition titled ‘TIME WILL TELL / anothermountainman x stanley wong / 40 years of work’ is a “presentation on process, building, preserving, and precipitating." - Stanley Wong.

The exhibition is divided into three parts - black, grey and white – starting with Stanley Wong’s personal works; his graphic design and advertising practice; as well as corporate social value projects and other installations and photography.

Some of the exhibition highlights include the famous redwhiteblue series focusing on Hong Kong’s resilience, adaptability, and its lineage with other Asian cultures; ‘Tomorrow’s Daily Newspaper’ which connects audiences through different voices speculating the future of our city, as well as other designs like the Chungking Express poster for Wong Kar Wai, and his a-poster-a-week challenge resulting in a culmination of 52 posters on different themes and topics.