Our work is only possible with the great support of our community, trustees, advisors, patrons, funding partners, and the designers, mentees and grantees who work tirelessly to produce new knowledge for the energetic and vibrant city of Hong Kong and our region. We would like to acknowledge the generous individuals, organisations and partners who have contributed to the growth of the Design Trust initiative since its conception.

“THE ART OF DOUBLING” theme is a collective testament of dynamic and creative partnerships in support of the ongoing inspirational research and granting projects that connect various generations and impact our city with optimism, energy and vibrancy to shape our cultural community. – Marisa Yiu, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Design Trust


Design Trust Decade Gala 2024, The Art of Doubling

22 March 2024

Hong Kong Palace Museum, King Lung Heen

and The Continental by The Upper House

Curated by Marisa Yiu

Creative Collaborators with Victoria Tang-Owen & Christopher Owen, Azusa Murakami & Alexander Groves and Ashley Lin & Eric Chong.

Design Trust Legacy Award 2024: Prof. Yung Ho Chang and Ms. Lijia Lu

Design Trust Heritage Innovator Award 2024: Dr. Rocco Yim

Design Trust Dynamic Duos Art Prize 2024: Azusa Murakami & Alexander Groves, Leung Chi Wo & Sara Wong, Michael Young & Xavier Tsang, Julie Progin & Jesse Mc Lin and Bob Pang & Kevin Mak.


Design Trust Gala 2024 Benefit Committee

Co-Chairs: Marisa Yiu, Kamsen Lau,  Jonathan Cheung, Ivan Pun.

Desiree Au, Denise Lau, Alan Lo, Yenn Wong, Alia Al-Senussi, Wesley Ng, Aric Chen, Lars Nittve, Chloe Chen-Storie, Broderick Storie. 


Table Patrons

Design Trust Decade Champion Table Hosts: Dior, IWC Schaffhausen, Kamsen Lau, Jonathan Cheung, Kristine Li, Chloe Chen & Broderick Storie, COLOURLIVING, VOGUE HK, Rosewood Hotel Group

Design Trust Decade Champion Table Co-Hosts: Alan Lo & Joyce Tam, Vanessa Cheung & Joanne Chow, Wesley Ng, Yama Chan, Perrier-Jouet


Design Trust Leaders, Influencers, Friends and Supporters:

Dmitri Potishko, Catherine Kwai, Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, Ann Chan Lu, Douglas So, Eva Yu, Amanda Cheung, Margaret Steiner, Rachel Wong Troublaiewitch, Justin Koo, Lucia Tait Tolani, Colleen Yu, Sasha Dennig-Snaith, Pascal de Sarthe, Hans Brasseler, Jonathan Zeman, Dina Chan, Cherry Chan, Touria El Glaoui, Richard Hsu, Delphine Canard-Moreau, Paul McComb, John Lee, Ed Tang, Joyce Tam Lee, Michael Ng,  Jehan Chu, Yvonne Chau, Delphine Canard-Moreau, Sabrina Ho, Thomas Kollar, Hermes Li, Charmaine Ho, Michelle Cheng, Alan Chan, Jonathan Cheung, Carl Hirschmann, Adeline Chin, Ray Chan.  Design Trust thanks all individuals who wish to remain anonymous.


Art, Design & Lifestyle Lots Donors

Henry Steiner, Leung Chi Wo and Sara Wong, Julie & Jesse, Michael Young Studio and BeCandle, Angel Otero and Hauser & Wirth, Atelier Van Lieshout, CVIEW, Cynthia Mak and JPS Gallery, Dennis Miranda Zamorano and Galerie Marguo, Eason Tsang Ka Wai, Eddie Kang and Lucie Chang Fine Arts, Elaine Yan Ling Ng and Nature Squared, Foreseen Property Agency (Pat Wing Shan, Wong Flyingpig and Kachi Chan), Frog King & Freeman Lau, Gareth Mason and Friedman Benda, JIA Group, Laws Knitters Studio, Leelee Chan, Lov-Lov and DE SARTHE, Lu Song and MASSIMODECARLO Gallery, Lumio (Max Gunawan), Morten Emil Engel, Movana Chen and Flowers Gallery, Nathalie Du Pasquier and Novalis Art Design, Ren Zhe and Pottinger 22 Limited, Studio Florian and Christine, Studio Makkink & Bey, Studio Ossidiana (Alessandra Covini,Giovanni Bellotti), The Upper House, Walter Koditek and Blue Lotus Gallery, William Lim, Zaha Hadid Design and Karimoku Furniture.


Sponsors and Supporters

Lead Organiser: Design Trust

Lead Sponsors:  Dior, IWC Schaffhausen

Gala Venue: King Lung Heen, Hong Kong Palace Museum

Champagne & Wine Partner:  Perrier-Jouet

Gala Production Partner: The Ad Region

Chinese Media Partners: Vogue Hong Kong, Wallpaper* China

Communications PR Advisors:  Occasions PR & Marketing Limited, Future-Future

Auction Partner: Phillips Auction

Trophy Design Partner: AE Folio

Afterparty Partner: The Continental by The Upper House


About the Design Trust Decade Gala 2024


The establishment of Design Trust in 2014 has positively impacted the design community in support to architects, scholars, design researchers and practitioners with grants in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and internationally. Design Trust was established by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a registered charity in Hong Kong since 2007, as a grant funding and community platform continuing to grow and has nurtured and supported over 560 grantees, mentees and collaborative teams over the last decade. This grant initiative and community platform will build on its past achievements to make a larger impact here from Hong Kong to the Greater Bay Area in the coming years. In celebration of 10th anniversary of Design Trust and Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design since 2007, Design Trust Decade Gala 2024 was held at Hong Kong Palace Museum on March 22nd 2024, with an After-party at the Continental by the Upper House.

With the theme “The Art of Doubling”, this year’s charity gala event - a decade of creativity and productivity, celebrates partnerships past, present and future that have gone above and beyond our mission and vision from 2014 and celebrates the registered charity founding since 2007. The critical yet playful essence of design’s role in contemporary culture from our micro-parks to archival research projects, have gone beyond expectation in our community: to the growth of nurturing emerging designers and scholars, and design processes with experimental ethos. All this has been humbling to be part of and to witness. The dynamics of play, research and collaborations have engendered positive change in our community: a mentor-and-mentee relationship that has grown over time, to realize a vision that can only be crafted in dialogue with each other; while the important notions of heritage values with design innovation, that may seem diametrically oppose, continue to progress society and inspire generations of new knowledge and material practices.

30 lots were auctioned this year, thanks to the kind donations from artists and friends of Design Trust, followed by a live auction at the Gala by double auctioneers Jonathan Crockett and Danielle So of Phillips Auction. Fundraising proceeds will go towards a launch and announcement in May 2024 on a new regional mentor-menteeship programme under the DESIGN TRUST FUTURES STUDIO programme on the Greater Bay Area, a new research platform on shaping an Architectural Archive on Hong Kong of project-based histories, to a new partnership on a Graphic Archive Research Fellowship programme whilst supporting ongoing Granting projects and public space development projects.


March 2024

Board of Directors and Leadership:

Kamsen Lau (Chairman), Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/Executive Director), Elizabeth Chu, Denise Lau, Gabriela Kennedy, Ivan Pun, Jonathan Cheung


Design Trustees, Individuals and Corporates:

Victor Lo, Alan Lo, Daryl Ng, Joyce Tam, Yama Chan, Joanne Chow, Vanessa Cheung, Angelina Kwan, Desiree Au, Bosco Law, Justin Ng, Jo Soo Tang, Stephanie Lo, Charmaine Ho, Kristine Li, Chinachem Group.


International Advisory Council

Eva Franch, Beatrice Leanza, Liu Xiaodu, Rodman Primack, Thomas Heatherwick, Lyndon Neri, Lars Nittve, Zoë Ryan, Tom Dixon, David Gianotten, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Liza Chong.


Greater Bay Area Design Council

Arnault Castel, William To, Eric Schuldenfrei, Aric Chen, Stephanie Poon, Winnie So, Ole Bouman, Tat Lam, Cole Roskam, Suzy Annetta, Keith Tam, Kate Jones, Marc Cansier, Clara Brito, Rong Zhao, Human Wu, Keith Lam, Helen So, James JJ Acuña, Manfred Yuen, Yoko Choy.