Our work is only possible with the great support of our community, trustees, advisors, patrons, funding partners, and the designers, mentees and grantees who work tirelessly to produce new knowledge for the energetic and vibrant city of Hong Kong and our region. We would like to acknowledge the generous individuals, organisations and partners who have contributed to the growth of the Design Trust initiative since its conception.

“The Art of Presence” theme is a collective testament to our community to gather and support the ongoing inspirational research, projects and granting projects to connect various generations and impact our city with optimism, energy and vibrancy to shape our cultural community. – Marisa Yiu, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Design Trust


2023 The Art of Presence, Hong Kong

18 March 2023

Regent Hong Kong


Curators: Chi Wing Lo and Marisa Yiu

Creative Collaborators with Henry Chu, Batten & Kamp, Xiaolin & Stephanie Teng, Adelaide Tam, Niko Leung & Xavier Tsang and Zheng Zhou. 

With local crafts artisans Fanson Lam, Nathan Wong & Hazel Lee.

Design Trust Legacy Award 2023: Dr. Victor Lo

Design Trust Heritage Innovator Award 2023: Chi Wing Lo

Design Trust Art Prize 2023: Cao Fei


Design Trust Gala 2023 Benefit Committee

Co-Chairs: Yama Gaw, Marisa Yiu, Kamsen Lau & Jonathan Cheung.

Alan Lo, Denise Lau, Ivan Pun, Desiree Au, Elizabeth Chu, Lars Nittve, Alfred Lam, Aric Chen, Krizia Li, Alia Al-Senussi & Leslie Tsang.


Table Patrons

Creative Anchor Table Hosts: Yama Gaw, Victor Lo, Kamsen Lau, Jonathan Cheung, Alan Lo & Joyce Tam, Bosco Law, COLOURLIVING, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, VOGUE HK

Brilliantly Centered Table Hosts: Victor Lo, Kamsen Lau, Jonathan Cheung, Ivan Pun, Krizia Li, Elizabeth Chu, David Zwirner Gallery, Emelda Wong & Sheldon Trainor, Kenetic Capital, Ming Foundation, Yvette Yung

Brilliantly Centered Table Co-Hosts: Leslie Tsang & Alfred Lam, Joanne Chow & Vanessa Cheung, Lawrence Chu & Jackson Law, Stefan Rihs & Shane Akeroyd, Michelle Ying Ying Hsieh


Design Trust Leaders, Influencers, Friends and Supporters:

Goodwin Gaw, Victor Lo, Calvin Wang, Kevin Kung, Cristian Albu, Alia Al-Senussi, Aric Chen, Jehan Chu, Adrian Cheng, William Figliola, Federico  Tan, Pansy Ho, Jenny  Fong, Jessica Ling, Yana Peel, William Lim, Colleen Yu Fung, Shane Akeroyd, Chloe Chen-Storie, Stanley Sun, Bosco Law, Christine Ip, Nicola Chu, Michelle Cheng, Eric Schuldenfrei, Gabriela Kennedy.


Art, Design & Lifestyle Lots Donors

Chi Wing Lo, Batten & Kamp and Novalis Art Design, Henry Chu, Adam Hudec, A'Driane Nieves and Galerie Marguo, Afa Annfa and JPS Gallery, Alan Chan, Alfred Lam, anothermountainman and Tai Ping, b.wing and JPS Gallery, Bob Pang and Kevin Mak, Brian Rochefort and MASSIMODECARLO, Caroline Walker and Stephen Friedman Gallery, Charles Lai, Charlie Roberts and WOAW Gallery, Cynthia Sah, Danh Vo and White Cube, Daphné MANDEL, DRIFT, Elaine Chiu and JPS Gallery, Elizabeth Chu, Erwin Wurm and LITO, Freeman Lau and DBA Audio, He Xiangyu and LITO, Jaffa Lam and Axel Vervoordt, Ji Xin and Hive, Jia Group, Joyce Wang Studio and Black Sheep Restaurants, Julie & Jesse, Lalique Asia and Zaha Hadid Design, Lau Hiu Ting and Flowers Gallery, Laura Cheung, Laws Knitters, Lucie Chang Fine Arts and King of Kowloon Culture & Art Foundation, Phyllida Barlow and Hauser & Wirth, Regent Hong Kong, Rocco Yim, Sabine Marcelis, Su Chang, Upper House, Walter Koditek and Blue Lotus Gallery, Wang Jiajia and De Sarthe, Wang Yuyang and LITO, William Lim, Wilson Shieh and JPS Gallery, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES and Tobias Berger, Zhu Jinshi and Tang Contemporary, ZS Hospitality Group.


Sponsors and Supporters

Venue & Hotel Partner: Regent Hong Kong

Special thanks to Mr. Goodwin Gaw and Mrs. Yama Gaw

Gold Sponsor:  Sino Group and Ng Teng Fong Charity Foundation

Auction Partner: Phillips

Champagne & Wine Partner:  Ruinart and Minuty

Gala Production Partner: The Ad Region

Media Partners: Tatler Hong Kong

Vogue Hong Kong

We would also thank other media partners for covering the event.

Media Relations & Communications Partner: Rubison

Trophy Design Partner: AE Folio


About the Design Trust Gala 2023

Design Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating platforms that support and stimulate the positive process of design through grant-making, community engagement, and the promotion of creative expression in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area region, the gala dinner and auction was held on March 18th 2023. Themed “THE ART OF PRESENCE”, the annual fundraising event is held at the iconic revamped the REGENT which will officially open in April 2023, marking a new and prominent waterfront icon of Hong Kong.

Returning after a hiatus due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, this year’s Design Trust Gala was built around the theme of “the ART OF PRESENCE”, celebrating the alluring power of absence and the presence as a philosophical gesture, artistic and material manifestation of humanity and optimism to restore community connection and collaboration. The “Art of Presence” evokes deepened awareness, resilience, mindful presence, and the importance of connection within interpersonal relationships. With many years of physical to mental disconnection, we are proud and excited to physically gather our community to imprint our presence. With Chi Wing Lo at the helm inspiring us and Marisa Yiu's creative collaborations, his inspirational work that commands subtly, elegance, forms of balance and calm yet powerful work, expresses the “Art of Presence” as a design and lifelong exploration through craft, balance of Eastern and Western philosophy and the material presence to transform our understanding of the world around us. Chi Wing’s humble demeanor, and works are full of ingenuity, and infused with a true sense of timelessness.

Absence has made presence stronger than ever yet presence and being present transcends us more to value our community and connect us even more.

45 lots will be auctioned this year, thanks to the kind donations from artists and friends of Design Trust. followed by a live auction at the Gala by Philips auctioneering team.


Board of Directors and Leadership:

Kamsen Lau (Chairman), Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/Executive Director), Elizabeth Chu, Denise Lau, Gabriela Kennedy, Ivan Pun, Jonathan Cheung


Design Trustees, Individuals and Corporates:

Victor Lo, Yama Chan, Alan Lo, Daryl Ng, Adrian Cheng, Joyce Tam, Joanne Chow, Yvette Ho, Vanessa Cheung, Angelina Kwan, Desiree Au, Ariel Shartkman, Bosco Law, Justin Ng, Jo Soo Tang, Stephanie Lo, Charmaine Ho, Kristine Li, Chinachem Group, Chuang’s Consortium International Limited.


International Advisory Council

Eva Franch, Beatrice Leanza, Liu Xiaodu, Rodman Primack, Thomas Heatherwick, Lyndon Neri, Lars Nittve, Zoë Ryan, Tom Dixon, David Gianotten, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Liza Chong.


Greater Bay Area Design Council

Arnault Castel, William To, Eric Schuldenfrei, Aric Chen, Stephanie Poon, Winnie So, Ole Bouman, Tat Lam, Cole Roskam, Suzy Annetta, Keith Tam, Kate Jones, Marc Cansier, Clara Brito, Rong Zhao, Human Wu, Keith Lam, Helen So, James JJ Acuña, Manfred Yuen, Yoko Choy.