Design Trust Grants for Projects – Apply by 20 July 2016

31. 5. 2016

Design Trust Project Grants Available

Design Trust offers grants to individual designers, curators, collectives and non-profit organisations for projects and activities that are relevant to various design disciplines. These grants support projects relevant to the context and content of Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta region. 


Design Trust Seed Grants foster a culture of experimentation, testing and sharing. This grant of HKD 50,000 is awarded to individuals seeking to kickstart a meaningful and intellectual project with social, educational, economical or environmental impact for communities. Seed Grants may also be awarded for applicants who have a project in the pipeline that needs additional resources for completion.

Design Trust Feature Grant fosters cross-disciplinary projects focusing on the Greater Pearl River Delta region. Projects awarded have a wide reaching audience and maybe sited in an exhibition or biennale venue with international recognition and standing. This Feature grant supports international exchanges between a HK/China based collective with an international renowned cultural institution. The grant aims to excel, share and build new knowledge and unique positions on the value of design. The Design Trust Feature Grant, valued at a maximum of HKD 300,000, is awarded annually and is available upon special consideration.

Click here to view the works of our past grant recipients such as Brendan Cormier and Luisa Mengoni of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Elaine Ng, Macau based +853 Cultural Association, Maryann O’Donnell and more.


Application deadline for this cycle closes on Wednesday, 20 July 2016.

Proposals are reviewed on a quarterly basis, per annum. For more information visit our website or email

Project proposals may include, but are not limited to: exhibitions, residencies, overseas research projects and creative installations.

*Cities within the GPRD include: Hong Kong, Macau, Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Zhongshan & Zhuhai.


Design Trust資助計劃現已接受申請

Design Trust目標為獨立設計師、策展人、創作單位和非牟利團體提供資助撥款平台,推動不同設計範疇的項目計劃和活動。本資助計劃的申請項目內容需與香港或大珠江三角洲地區相關。

Design Trust種籽資助計劃旨於培育實驗、創新和分享文化。資助計劃的申請對象設定為有志於社會、教育、經濟、環境生態等議題上,倡議新思維知性項目的個人申請者,每項計劃的撥款金額達港幣HKD 50,000;本種籽資助計劃亦適合計劃正在進行中的人仕申請,提供資金協助完成項目。

Design Trust專題資助計劃旨於培育大珠江三角洲地區跨界別項目,任何以公開活動,或國際性展覽/雙年展為目標的申請計劃書,均符合申請資格。計劃宗旨為推動香港/中國地區創意單位的海外交流,促進業界與國際文化機構合作的機會。本資助計劃希望鼓勵業界專注發展、交流、建立新知識和設計價值的獨特定位。本專題資助計劃的每年撥款額最高可達港幣HKD 300,000,但要視乎個別項目需要決定。

過去成功獲選的資助計劃申請者案例,包括來自倫敦V﹠A博物館的柯鹿鳴及孟露夏、Elaine Ng、澳門+853 Cultural Association、Maryann O’Donnell 等,詳細內容請參考連結。