Paella/Wok Series: Sharing (Storefront IS Hong Kong)

7. 7. 2017

As part of the Storefront International Series Hong Kong, the Paella/Wok Series: Sharing was held on Friday, 7th July 2017.

The Paella Series is a format that aims to produce intense conversations on delicate subjects through a space of intimacy and quotidian action, in this case cooking and eating. Mina Park and Alan Lo cooked a Paella of epic proportion for the participants, who discussed what sharing is today, what sharing will be tomorrow, and what exactly sharing is in Hong Kong. The conversation around the table became global as Eva Franch skyped in from New York, where she was hosting a Paella Breakfast Series also based around the theme of sharing.

Participants: Ethel Baraona, Merve Bedir, Rony Chan, Janice Leung Hayes, Jason Hilgefort, Michael Leung, Pi Li, Alan Lo, Lionello Lunesu, Mina Park, Michelle Poon, Ire Tsui, Markus Wernli, Pauline Yao

Moderators: Eva Franch, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Marisa Yiu 

Venue Partner: Mina Park