M+ / Design Trust Fellow Public Talk | Thomas Daniell: Unbuilt Macau

14. 3. 2018

2017 M+ / Design Trust Fellow Thomas Daniell presented his research topic “Unbuilt Macau” on Saturday 3 March 2018 at the Dom Pedro V Theatre. “Unbuilt Macau” examines unrealised and visionary proposals for reclaimed land in Macau, mostly in the period immediately prior to the handover of the former Portuguese settlement to China in 1999. Revealing the fascination and unique characteristics of Macau, the fourth M+ / Design Trust Research Fellow shared with us the tabula rasa conditions of Macau and its unbuilt visionary proposals, five main areas were included in Daniell’s research: ZAPE (Zona de Aterros do Porto Exterior), NAPE (Novos Aterros do Porto Exterior), Praia Grande, Cotai, and Hengqin New Area. These radical, unbuilt proposals were prevented by wider economic and political forces. Proposed by multiple architects, many of which arose through international competitions, the unbuilt proposals contribute to an alternative history of Macau, providing an instructive comparison with the built reality today, how the changes affected the architecture, built environment and economy of Macau, as well as suggesting possible future directions.

The evening finished with a panel discussion with Thomas Daniell (2017 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellow), Eduardo Tavares da Silva (Director, GET International Ltd Architects, Engineers and Urban Planners), and Aric Chen (Lead Curator, Design and Architecture, M+). Questioning the concept of unbuilt Macau, the provoking discussions reveals the potential of an alternative history of Macau urbanism, and the role of urban planning in balancing the order and diversity of a city.

Introduction: Marisa Yiu, Co-founder / Executive Director, Design Trust
Speaker: Thomas Daniell, 2017 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellow
Moderator: Aric Chen, Lead Curator, Design and Architecture, M+
Discussant: Eduardo Tavares da Silva, Director, GET International Ltd Architects, Engineers and Urban Planners