Design Trust Welcomes New Greater Bay Area Advisory Council Members

23. 12. 2021

Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director), Kamsen Lau (Chairman, Board of Design Trust) and the Board of Directors are pleased to welcome new advisors: Clara Brito, Rong Zhao, Human Wu and Keith Lam. With expertise from digital media to curatorial programme from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau & Portugal and Hong Kong, these new members strengthen the growth of Design Trust.


Clara Brito, Creative Director of Tomorrow's Heritage and Lines Lab, is a Portuguese designer and event curator living in China for over 17 years. She holds a Graduate Degree in Equipment Design (Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts), further studies in Fashion Design (Milan Polytechnic of Architecture and Design) and holds an MBA (Macau USJ University). She also worked as a visiting professor at USJ University. In 2021, Clara founded the project "Tomorrow's Heritage" to bring people and communities together to create intercultural objects. And in 2014 co-founded MunHub, a platform designed to cross-promote emerging designers from fashion and design. In 2007, co-founded "+853 Cultural Association" and the yearly event "This Is My City". A multicultural festival showcasing local and international talent in Macau, China and internationally. In 2004 Clara co-founded Lines Lab. Clara Brito was also a former grant recipient of Design Trust.


Rong Zhao is the Director of Design Society, Shenzhen, China. Since 2012, She has led the creation of the Design Society and facilitated the partnership with the V&A. In her current role she manages the exhibition, learning, and development at Design Society, initiating a series of programs on education and social engagement. She has been working with both Chinese and international artists, designers, and architects, especially interested in looking at how contemporary practises are expanding their definition and generating an active impact on the broader societal realm. 

She leads the curation of a series of exhibitions, such as Values of Design, China in the Making, a collaborative project between Design Society and the Victoria and Albert Museum. She is a graduate in art history from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, receiving master degrees successively from Williams College and University of Chicago in the US.


Human Wu is Director of Human Architects Limited. Before setting up his own practice Human Architects, Human worked at the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron for more than ten years, where he followed the M+ Museum project from the initial competition and design development in Basel to construction coordination and completion in Hong Kong. Human graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. He was one of the founding editors of the New-York-based journal CLOG. His writing has also appeared in other magazines including San Rocco, MONU, Time+Architecture, Architectural Journal, Art Plus, and Dance Journal/HK.


Keith Lam, Media Artist, is Co-founder and Artistic Director of Art & Technology studio “Dimension Plus”, founder of composite space “openground”. His works have won several awards at international art festivals, including a world-leading art festival Prix Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival, etc. His works are exhibited around the world and collected by museums. Also committed to new media art education, he teaches, consults and as associate professor at various universities & institutions with the aim of promoting digital fabrication in art.


We would also like to thank Jean Miao and Irene Lam for their continuous support to us, and our design and research community as a member of Design Trust’s Greater Bay Area Council in the last few years.


Design Trust also thanks the continuing support of the wider advisory and trustee community enhancing the work of the leadership and staff team:


Trustees: Victor Lo, Jennifer Liu, Daryl Ng, Adrian Cheng, Yama Chan, Joanne Chow, Yvette Ho, Jimmy Chan, Vanessa Cheung, Angelina Kwan, Desiree Au, Elizabeth Chu, Ariel Shartkman, Bosco Law, Jonathan Cheung, Justin Ng, Chinachem Group and Chuang’s Consortium International Limited.


International Advisory Council: Beatrice Leanza, David Gianotten, Eva Franch, Lars Nittve, Liu Xiaodu, Lyndon Neri, Rodman Primack, Thomas Heatherwick, Tom Dixon and Zoë Ryan.


Greater Bay Area Design Council: Aric Chen, Arnault Castel, Andrew Au, Cole Roskam, Clara Brito, Eric Schuldenfrei, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Human Wu,  Leslie Lu, Kate Jones, Keith Lam, Keith Tam, Marc Cansier, Ole Bouman, Rong Zhao, Suzy Annetta, Stephanie Poon, Tat Lam, William To and Winnie So.


Board of Directors and Leadership Team: Kamsen Lau (Chairman, Board of Design Trust), Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director), Alan Lo (Chairman, 2018-2020), Ivan Pun, Joyce Tam, Gabriela Kennedy and Denise Lau.