Design Trust / Royal College of Art Fellowship 2022 Awardee – Hoyee Tse

21. 3. 2022

Design Trust is pleased to announce Hoyee Tse as the award recipient of the Design Trust / Royal College of Art Fellowship in Design Curation 2022 under the theme of “Hyperlocal”.

Hoyee from Hong Kong was first trained as an art historian and expanded her interest in the relationship between art and society of the past to the digital representation and preservation of visual culture of the present. Her project will focus on the contribution of design artefacts to cultural identity and social memory, recognising it as part of the contemporary cultural heritage. With the fellowship programmes, she will examine the influence between heritage through a socially engaged curatorial practice for contemporary design collection. She has an aspiration to return to Hong Kong after the fellowship and contribute to the museum and cultural sector of Hong Kong.


About Design Trust / RCA Fellowship

Established in 2017, the fellowship scheme has supported five fellows to carry out dedicated research projects focused on various aspects of design curation, from the role of curating in the context of public art, to fashion production and consumption, AI and other emerging technologies and education.


Presentation by 2018 Fellow Sunnie Chan
History of Design programme at the Royal College of Art
2018 Fellow Sunnie Chan with her “Design Curator Clinic” project team, Royal College of Art, London
2018 Fellow Carrie Chan’s project “Re-fashioning the Internet”, Royal College of Art, London
Image courtesy of Anne Zhou
Image courtesy of Mina Song