Design Trust Legacy Award 2021 | Honoree Henry Steiner

23. 12. 2021

We are honoured to present Dr. Henry Steiner as our honouree of the Design Trust Legacy Award at this year’s Gala supported by Prada and many generous donors, as part of our mission to advocate for the positive value of the processes of design. This is in recognition of Dr. Steiner’s prolific contribution to establish graphic design as a profession and his impact on the visual landscape in Hong Kong and beyond. Design Trustee, Dr. Victor Lo and Board member Alan Lo presented the award to Dr. Steiner.


Prolific and pioneering in his approach, Dr. Steiner has created some of the most iconic graphic designs such as the logos of HSBC, Hongkong Land, Dairy Farm, and Hong Kong Telephone Company which shaped Hong Kong’s visual landscape. His Standard Chartered banknotes pay homage to Hong Kong’s Chinese cultural heritage and at the same time present Hong Kong’s pole position as a progressive, global city. He has created modern and international identity systems for corporations during Hong Kong’s economic boom era. 


"I was pleasantly surprised - and deeply honored - when I received the news of my being selected for this recognition. It is not just for me, but an acknowledgement of the value of graphic design in today’s Hong Kong. Graphic design is often confused with some form of decoration but it is much more than that. It is a means of visual communication, allowing messages and information to be understood quickly and appropriately, and much more. It used to be called ‘commercial art’ and in my practice I have worked to educate my clients and colleagues on the importance of this new profession. I am pleased by the growing number of colleagues in Hong Kong and delighted to receive the award, also, on their behalf. Thank you." By Henry Steiner (December 16th 2021)


Dr. Henry Steiner gave an acceptance speech at Design Trust Gala 2021 「 當我得知自己獲頒這一獎項的時候,我感到非常驚喜,同時也深感榮幸。這不僅僅是為了我自己,更是對當今香港平面設計價值的認可。平面設計經常與某種形式的裝飾混淆,但它遠不止於此。它是一種視覺交流的手段,允許資訊被快速和適當地理解。它曾經被稱為商業藝術,在我的實踐中,我一直致力於教育我的客戶和同事,讓他們明白這個新專業的重要性。我很高興香港的同業越來越多,並很高興代表他們獲頒獎項。衷心感謝!」- 石漢瑞博士 2021年12月
Benefit Committee 2021 with Dr. Henry Steiner 「 當我得知自己獲頒這一獎項的時候,我感到非常驚喜,同時也深感榮幸。這不僅僅是為了我自己,更是對當今香港平面設計價值的認可。平面設計經常與某種形式的裝飾混淆,但它遠不止於此。它是一種視覺交流的手段,允許資訊被快速和適當地理解。它曾經被稱為商業藝術,在我的實踐中,我一直致力於教育我的客戶和同事,讓他們明白這個新專業的重要性。我很高興香港的同業越來越多,並很高興代表他們獲頒獎項。衷心感謝!」- 石漢瑞博士 2021年12月

Dr. Henry Steiner’s Biography

Doctor, honoris causa, Hong Kong Baptist University; Honorary Doctorate, Academy of Art Univeristy, San Francisco; Honorary professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He holds a Master’s degree from the Yale School of Art. Resident in Hong Kong since 1961, he is an internationally acclaimed graphic designer and head of Steiner&Co., one of the world's leading strategic brand design consultancies. Past President of Alliance Graphique Internationale; fellow of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, member of DesignAustria and the New York Art Directors Club. Awarded the Golden Decoration of Honor from the Republic of Austria. Received the 2012 Design for Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hong Kong Design Centre. In 2015 he was named one of Debretts 100 most influential Hong Kong people. Awarded title of Professor by Federal President of Austria in 2017. Co-author of Cross-Cultural Design: Communicating in the Global Marketplace (1995, Thames and Hudson). The ‘Henry Steiner • Graphic Communicator’ solo exhibition was held in April to June 2019 at Shenzhen Design Society. Design Trust Feature Grant project ‘Look: The Graphic Language of Henry Steiner’ exhibition was held in April to May 2021 at the HKDI Gallery, Hong Kong Design Institute. A book, ‘Graphic Communications Essays on Design’, was published in conjunction with the exhibition.