Design Trust Grant Recipient | “Care Pavilion” exhibited at London Design Biennale 2023

21. 6. 2023

Curated by Wang Naiyi, Design Trust Feature Grant project “Care Pavilion” at London Design Biennale 2023 manifests through a Care manifesto, Collective-care initiatives and ‘Care-full’ practices, where care—in all its complexities—will be re-imagined and re-collectivised through an intersectional perspective. The Care Pavilion plays a special role by making many forms of care visible, serving as a practice of collective caring and curing that is accessible to everyone.

Fluctuating Bodies of Care, photo courtesy to Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç.
Exhibition photo courtesy of Naiyi Wang
Exhibition poster courtesy of London Design Biennale 2023. Somerset House, The Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court courtesy of Richard Bryant.

A wide range of happenings including performance, ritual and panel discussion are curated around the pavilion’s site-specific sound installation to respond to these ever present yet newly urgent matters of care: thinking through care in its many forms—of humans and non-humans—while addressing its intricacies, using the Biennale as a testing ground to re-imagine the politics and ethics of care. The participatory and iterative curatorial experimentation will continue from London to the Greater Bay Area in the pavilion’s future development to further expand the discussion on “care”.

Process of Exhibit Fluctuating Bodies of Care, Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç, 2023. Image courtesy of Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç.
Sympoiesis event at the Care Pavilion, image courtesy of Care Pavilion team.