Appreciating Our Community

19. 12. 2019

Since the founding of Design Trust in 2014, we have contributed to areas of creative research, design and development of meaningful projects, grants, public programmes and fellowships, and have increased the number of grants and fellowships supporting over 100 individuals and collectives. Channeling creative energies across Hong Kong and internationally, we have grantees from Hong Kong, Macau, China, Myanmar, Africa, France and the USA, in collaboration with designers here in our region.

We have broadened our DESIGN TRUST FUTURES STUDIO (DTFS) flagship programme with new archival practices, research and recently launched ‘Heritage is Innovation’, with site-specific works focused on ‘critical making’ creating new sustainable and material innovations.

Our work is only possible with the great support of our community, trustees, advisors, patrons, funding partners, and the designers, mentees and grantees who work tirelessly to produce new knowledge for the energetic and vibrant city of Hong Kong and our region.

“As a network of individuals passionate about design and its powerful role in societal’s positive transformation, Design Trust serves as a grant-funding platform and cultural programme catalyst to support a diversity of research and design projects relating to Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. We see the need for better and ergonomically well-designed public spaces. We are inspired by how the process of designing new technologies can reduce waste and impact our environment. We are intrigued by design scholars who research the history of urban form to allow us to better understand the rapid needs of the future of cities.” – Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director, Design Trust).

We envision more research initiatives on the environment, continue to elevate our Hong Kong cultural assets and the catalysing effect of the brilliance of emerging designers, to build upon their work and have a platform to exchange and share.



Board of Directors: Alan Lo (Chairman), Gabriela Kennedy, Denise Lau, Ivan Pun, Kamsen Lau, Joyce Tam

Co-Founder/ Executive Director: Marisa Yiu

Design Trustees: Victor Lo, 2016-, Jennifer Liu, 2016-, Amanda Loke, 2016-, Daryl Ng, 2016-, Akarin Gaw, 2016-, Adrian Cheng, 2017-, Yama Chan, 2017-, Joanne Chow, 2017-, Ming Wai Lau, 2017-, Yvette Ho, 2017-, Jimmy Chan, 2017-, Vanessa Cheung, 2018-, Kristine Li, 2018-, Janice Chan-Choy, 2018-, Angelina Kwan, 2018-, Charmaine Li , 2018-, Lumen Kinoshita 2018-, Desiree Au 2019-

Corporate Trustee: Chinachem 2019-

Sponsors and Partners: Create Hong Kong, Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, Shangri-La Group, Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, Tai Ping, Haw Par Music

International Advisory Council: Eva Franch 2014-, Beatrice Leanza 2014-, Liu Xiaodu 2014-, Rodman Primack 2015-, Thomas Heatherwick 2015-, Lyndon Neri 2016-, Lars Nittve 2016-, Zoë Ryan 2017-, Tom Dixon 2018-, David Gianotten 2019-

Greater Bay Area Design Council: Arnault Castel 2014-, William To 2014-, Eric Schuldenfrei 2014-, Giovanni Alessi Anghini 2014-, Aric Chen 2015-, Stephanie Poon 2015-, Leslie Lu 2016-, Tat Lam 2016-, Winnie So 2016-, Jean T Miao 2016-, Andrew Au 2016-, Ole Bouman 2016-, Cole Roskam 2017-, Suzy Annetta 2017-, Keith Tam 2018-, Irene Lam 2018-, Kate Jones 2019-, Marc Cansier 2019-

Institutional Partners: Royal College of Art, M+ Museum

Design Trust Gala 2019:

Co-chairs: Alan Lo, Marisa Yiu, Ivan Pun, Rosey Chan

Benefit Committee Members: Alfred Lam, Andrew den Oudsten, Desiree Au, David Au, Geoffrey Chuang, Inna Rodchenko-Highfield, Jason Basmajian, Jonathan Cheung, Joyce Tam, Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Sean Fitzpatrick, Shera Law, Stefan Rihs, Talenia Phua Gajardo

Design Trust Gala 2019 Organisers and Sponsors:

Lead Organiser:
Design Trust

Creative Director: Archigram, Sir Peter Cook and Dennis Crompton

Venue and Food & Beverage Partner: Shangri-La Group

Partners: The Ad Region, Phillips (auctioneers since 1796), Helu-Trans (HK) Pte. Ltd., Midas Printing International Limited, Altaya Wines, Perrier-Jouët Champagne, The Artling, Signature Communications, Bean Buro, Lasvit, Tom Lee Music, KaChick, CamronPR, Dezeen, Hong Kong Tatler and Vogue HK.

Design Trust Patrons 2019:

Design Trust Leaders: Benjamin Lee, Ed Ng, Edmund Lee

Design Trust Influencers:
Antony Chan, Daniel Green, Wendy Lee & Stephen Charles Li, William Lim

Design Trust Friends:
Adeline Ooi, Arne Eggers, Christine Chan Chiu, Irene Lam, Suzy Annetta,    Tanya Lee

Table Patrons 2019 | 
Way Up Front: Alan Lo, Bosco Law, Charmaine Li, Chinachem Group, David Zwirner Gallery, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Kamsen Lau, Tai Ping

Table Patrons 2019 | Center of the Room:
Alfred Lam, Bastian Wong, Cargo Services Group, COLOURLIVING, Desiree Au and David Au, Etsuko Nakajima, Hong Kong Tatler, Inna Rodchenko-Highfield, Ivan Pun, Joanne Chow, Jennie Wong, Jennifer Liu, Joyce Tam, Lawrence Chu and Stephen Yeung, MK Lau Foundation, Phillips - Jonathan Crockett, Selina Kong-Low and Emelda Wong-Trainor, Stefan Rihs, Talenia Phua Gajardo, The Mills, Yama Chan, Yvette Yung

Design Trust Futures Studio “Heritage is Innovation”:

Mentors: Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami (Co-founders, Studio Swine), Brendan Cormier (Senior Curator, Victoria & Albert Museum), Douglas Young (CEO & Co-founder, GOD), Hunter Tura (President and Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Mau Design), Irene Lai and Frank Leung (Director and Founder/ Principal via.), Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu (Founding Partners, Neri and Hu), Michael Young (Founder, Michael Young Studio) and Puay-Peng Ho (Head of Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore)

Mentees: Adonian Chan (Co-founder, Trilingua Design), Elaine Yan Ling Ng (Founder, The Fabrick Lab), Florian Wegenast and Christine Lew (Co-founders, Studio Florian + Christine), Ire Tsui, Michael Leung and Rony Chan (Co-founders, Design*Lab), Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin (Co-founders, Latitude 22N), Polly Ho and Andy Wong (Co-founders, Loom Loop), Sharon de Lyster (Founder, Narrative Made), and Xavier Tsang (Founder, BeCandle)