25 June 2022 ‘Research on the Move: Dialogues with M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows’

17. 6. 2022

'Research on the Move: Dialogues with M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows', image courtesy of M+

Design Trust is pleased to share on 'Research on the Move: Dialogues with M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows' where 8 research teams supported by the long-term funding from Design Trust in the past 8 years will share their works to the public. Since the establishment of the M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship in 2015, this sharing will be the first time our fellows will gather at the M+ Museum with guest panelists and interlocutors in fields to prompt a discussion about the fellowship projects and researchers’ efforts in furthering the design and architecture discourse across Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and other parts of Asia.

The symposium will be opened by Ikko Yokoyama, Lead Curator of Design and Architecture at M+, and Marisa Yiu, Co-Founder, Lead Curator / Executive Director of Design Trust. The presentation and discussion begin with 2018 Fellows Fan Lok Yi & Sampson Wong’s Reflection on Urban Research in Hong Kong with Marisa Yiu; followed by 2017 Fellow Thomas Daniell with interlocutor Tatjana Crossley on the topic of Blank Slates from Macau to Japan; another 2018 Fellow Hugh Davis will discuss The virtual geographies of Hong Kong with Peter Nelson; and the final presentation in the first session is by Fan Ling, the first Fellow of the Fellowship in 2015, on The Creativity of Machine Intelligence with interlocutor Calvin Wong. The session will be closed by a reflection moderated by Sunny Cheung.

The second session will start with 2016 Fellows Juliana Kei Daniel Cooper’s Inventing Hong Kong’s Modernity through Exhibiting ‘Traditions’ with Charles Lai; follows by 2019 Fellow Oliver Elser’s presentation and discussion of The Comeback of Brutalism with Bob Pang; 2016 Fellow Joseph Grima will share Design Beyond ‘Authorship’? with Siu King Chung; and the last presentation is by 2019 Fellow Yasmin Tri Aryani who will discuss with interlocutor John Lin on The Future of Tradition. Shirley Surya will moderate the reflection and conclusion.

There will also be the screening of Sampson Wong and his team’s When in doubt, Take a walk series and Joseph Grima and Martina Muzi’s Born at Night, Space Caviar.


'Research on the Move: Dialogues with M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows', image courtesy of M+

Date: Saturday, 25 June 2022

Time: 1:00pm – 5:45pm (HKT)

Venue: M+, The Grand Stair

Format: Symposium

1:00-1:20pm Registration opens and Screenings of Sampson Wong and his team’s When in doubt, Take a walk series

1:20-1:30pm | Introductions by Ikko Yokoyama and Marisa Yiu

1:30-1:55pm | Fan Lok Yi & Sampson Wong with Marisa Yiu: Reflecting on Urban Research in Hong Kong

1:55-2:20pm | Thomas Daniell with Tatjana Crossley: Blank Slates from Macau to Japan

2:20-2:45pm | Hugh Davies with Peter Nelson: The Virtual Geographies of Hong Kong

2:45-3:10pm | Fan Ling with Calvin Wong: The Creativity of Machine Intelligence

3:10-3:30pm | Reflections with HK-based interlocutors, moderated by Sunny Cheung

Break (15 mins)| Screening of Joseph Grima & Martina Muzi Born at Night, Space Caviar

3:45-4:10pm | Juliana Kei & Daniel Cooper with Charles Lai: Inventing Hong Kong’s Modernity through Exhibiting ‘Traditions’

4:10-4:35pm | Oliver Elser with Bob PangThe Comeback of Brutalism

4:35-5:00pm | Joseph Grima with Siu King Chung: Design Beyond ‘Authorship’?

5:00-5:25pm | Yasmin Tri Aryani with John Lin: The Future of Tradition

5:25-5:45pm | Reflections with HK-based interlocutors, moderated by Shirley Surya

Please register HERE.

In times of inclement weather, please check our website and social media announcement for the most up-to-date information.

The Grand Stair, M+, Hong Kong. Photo: Kevin Mak©️ Kevin Mak. Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron

M+/Design Trust Research Fellows 2015-2019

Ling Fan
Joseph Grima
Daniel Cooper and Juliana Kei
Thomas Daniell
Hugh Davies
Sampson Wong and Fan Lok Yi
Oliver Elser
Yasmin Tri Aryani

About M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship
The M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship programme consists of two separate fellowships investigating issues related to architecture and design. One supports research projects focused on Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in an Asian or global context, and the second supports research projects related to Asia more broadly, closely in line with the curatorial position of M+, the Hong Kong museum dedicated to visual culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Past fellows include: Ling Fan (2015); Joseph Grima and the team of Daniel Cooper and Juliana Kei (2016); Thomas Daniell (2017); Hugh Davies and the team of Fan Lok Yi and Sampson Wong (2018); Oliver Elser and Yasmin Tri Aryani (2019); Current fellows: Jason Lau and the team of Mark Wasiuta and Farzin Lotfi-Jam (2020); and Emily Verla Bovino and Anouchka van Driel (2021).

About Design Trust
Design Trust was established in 2014 by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a registered charity in Hong Kong since 2007, as a grant funding and community platform. Design Trust supports creative projects that develop expertise, build research initiatives and content related to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Working across a multiplicity of design disciplines including, but not limited to, graphics, media, architecture to the built environment, Design Trust aims to actively accelerate creative research, design and development of meaningful projects that advocate for the positive role of design.

About M+
M+ is a museum dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting visual art, design and architecture, moving image, and Hong Kong visual culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Located in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District, M+ is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary visual culture in the world, with a bold ambition to establish ourselves as one of the world’s leading cultural institutions. Our aim is to be a new kind of museum that reflects our unique time and place, a museum that builds on Hong Kong’s historical balance of the local and the international to define a distinctive and innovative voice for Asia’s twenty-first century.