075 Hello Y

Designed by: Toby Crispy

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


“Walking silently down the street with my mask on, the tufts of wild grass I encounter on street corners have been a reminder that Earth’s great and mighty human beings, at times, are incomparable to the unrelenting will of the small exhibits of life often overlooked,” reflects Toby Crispy, “more joyful and lively times lie ahead, but right now is a precious period for rest and reflection, to recentre ourselves.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Toby Crispy has been embellishing old clothes with glimpses of embroidered greenery. A simple Y-shape stitch embodies an ever-repeating form in nature, almost as if permeating the fragrance of fresh leaves upon application. 

Image Credit: Toby Crispy

Website: Toby Crispy