072 when i see mountains, they are mountains

Designed by: anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)

Design Trust Affiliation: DTFS 2017-2018 Mentor


'when i see mountains, they are mountains’ is a hand bound photo book by Stanley Wong. In the transition to the new normal of COVID-19, people have had to adjust to a different pace of living. Rather than going out, individuals have to attain peace-of-mind in their hearts, to enjoy the world, no matter the constraints and hurdles faced. This photo art book on ‘mountains’ are not real mountains, but a collection of 20 photos of the city, capturing water marks on walls, a wire fence, a wood bench, a plastic water hose... “when i see mountains, they are mountains.” - anothermountainman

Image Credit: anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)

Website: anothermountainman