068 Paper travels on virus days

Designed by: Ming Shan Connie Yuen

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust


The world of mapping has changed a lot in recent decades with digitalisation, but many of these maps only prioritise practical information. Maps are powerful tools, but the process of making a map can almost be meditative in sorting out what one thinks, feels, sees, hears, and even desires in a place.

One thing many people miss during COVID-19 is travelling, but these circumstances shouldn’t suppress wanderlust or curiosity. Connie Yuen suggests map-making to help fill the void left by travel restrictions and social distancing, to reconnect with the community, and to keep everyone’s creativity activated. Conventional cartography skills are not required here. Instead of focusing on how to get from point A to B, this can be a poetic, personal storytelling of the place the creator is most familiar with, told through their unique lens.

Image Credit: Ming Shan Connie Yuen