063 Chocolate Bar Soap

Designed by: Deborah Lam, Une Szeto and Kay Chan, Good Day Studio

Design Trust Affiliation: DTFS 2018 Mentee


Soap waste has become a worldwide environmental problem. After travelling, outdoor activities, and exercising in a fitness centre, soap often becomes one-time disposal waste. The amount sent to landfill every year is measured in tonnes. With the understanding that convenience is essential to facilitate environmental protection in the community, the chocolate bar shaped handmade soap encourages us to prevent excessive consumption of soap. Every time we go out, we take the required cubes of handmade soap and use only one cube each time to avoid wastage. The volume of the soap cubes is small and easy to carry. We no longer need to worry about how to handle the remaining soaps with the bitesize soap cubes. Considering the destructive properties that chemical soaps bring to nature, these handmade soaps are made of vegetable oil as the major ingredient in order to protect the ocean and marine lives.

Image Credit: Deborah Lam, Une Szeto and Kay Chan, Good Day Studio