054 Duality Indivisible

Designed by: Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill

Design Trust Affiliation: Friends of Design Trust


‘Duality Indivisible’ is a collaborative idea that emerged from the similarities in Peter and Thierry’s work -  Peter’s artwork focuses on the questioning and discovery of the meaning of life, and Thierry’s expertise in Feng Shui design heavily focuses on helping one find meaning in life through their environment. The two find duality through concepts geometry, numerology, and symbols, all essentials for one to find the meaning of life. Resulting is the creation of an art piece symbolising the importance of balance, achieved through the use of circles, and specifically the interwovenness of the circles, which is unified with a metallic colour. Wanting to bring each artists’ ideas into physical reality, this is an auspicious object that can be placed in an environment to create good energy - the energy of duality indivisible.

Image Credit: Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill

Website: Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill