050 Sterilising Lamp

Designed by: Frank Chou, Frank Chou Design Studio

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust


Observing that existing household disinfection methods all require habit formation and personal initiative, Frank Chou has realised a need for the “unconscious design” of products for daily disinfecting necessities whereby users need not be “trained”. Based on these considerations, the ‘Sterilising Lamp’ combines a tray with an ultraviolet lamp in an elegant design.

Users can place daily articles carrying large amounts of external pollutants, from mobile phones to keys, onto the tray at the end of the day, and then press the cover body to activate the ultraviolet lamp. With the ultraviolet light source placed on the bottom surface of the tray, the reflective coating inside the cover ensures 360-degree blind-spot-free disinfection of its contents. After 60 seconds, the cover automatically bounces up to reveal its now disinfected necessities, convenient for users to find and use.

Image Credit: Frank Chou, Frank Chou Design Studio

Website: Frank Chou Design Studio