Designed by: Alan Chan, Alan Chan Design

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust, 2009 HKAoD event Creative Director


In the face of a world turned upside down, there is a hope that all are brave enough to take the first step out of our comfort zone rather than standing still. Sometimes, what is known is a pitfall but what is not seen is the road uphill, just a few steps ahead. 

From Alan Chan, this pair of shoes in black and white signifies the binaries in life that go toe to toe. Not everything one loses is at a loss, sometimes there is an upside in the end. When force is exerted in the opposite direction, the same force pushes us forward. When there is no backing down, the only way up is forward. ‘WHAT GOES DOWN MUST COME UP’ is a reminder of strength in all the directions life takes you.

Image Credit: Alan Chan, Alan Chan Design

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