Designed by: Otto Ng and Yip Chun Hang, LAAB

Design Trust Affiliation: Friends of Design Trust


The new norm of social distancing during COVID-19 has compelled everyone to rethink the meaning of human connections. ‘Null and Infinity’ explores different scales of social distancing --individuals, communities, and the city -- by producing infinite loops of the viewer and the viewed through masks made by one-way-mirror-films. By subtracting facial features, individuals interact with others without being filtered by our prejudices; alternatively, the visual surprise created by the masks encourages social interactions by producing a fun and exploratory experience without compromising physical distance. As the world experiences social isolation, this homemade prototype prompts reflection about social connection, while also acting as a critical reminder of every individual as an “inter-being” --the inter-constitution of “the” and “the other”. 

Image Credit: Otto Ng and Yip Chun Hang, LAAB

Website: LAAB