Designed by: Nelson Chow, NC Design & Architecture

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust


The ongoing pandemic has kept many in their homes, giving us an opportunity to slow down and reflect. As the burning of incense has long been used as a method to promote relaxation and create a sense of calmness, Nelson Chow has designed an incense holder, available in 4 different colours, each emblematic of different emotions.

Charcoal black represents strength, power, and resolution; to keep one grounded and empower them to navigate through troubled times.

Cream white represents light, purity and goodness; to cleanse one’s mind and to let go. 

Moss green is balance, harmony and renewal; to renew and restore depleted energy.

Soft yellow is happiness, clarity and joy; to strengthen positive energy and encourage optimism.

Image Credit: Nelson Chow, NC Design & Architecture

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