031 Mind-Trip

Designed by: Evelyn Teploff-Mugii

Design Trust Affiliation: Friend of Design Trust


‘Mind-Trip’ is constructed from a wooden box unit with interior configurations reminiscent of the "shoji" lattice-formed window frames in traditional Japanese architecture. Designed as a vehicle of happiness, Evelyn Teploff offers an alternative experience for our desire to travel in the ongoing pandemic.

“Dreaming about or planning for a journey is a therapeutic act. Studies claim travel is linked to enhanced empathy, energy, focus and creativity. Anticipating a trip in the future also is shown to reap similar benefits and bring us happiness,” says Evelyn, “This is a window into what I see in Kanazawa — a dreamy city I call home steeped in history and beauty. Lose yourself in thought and envision a visit to Japan.”

Image Credit: Evelyn Teploff-Mugii