Designed by: Aron Tsang and Hera Lui, NAPP Studio

Design Trust Affiliation: DTFS 2018 Mentee


The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled certain underlying discomforts, from family confrontations to stress issues. Aron Tsang and Hera Lui aspire to alleviate these emotional tensions with ‘TACTILE FAMILY’, promoting the importance of textural tactility in emotional perception.

Inspired by sensory toys used for children’s therapy, this design features a series of gadgets with varying textures, such as silicone rubber, wood, stone, and steel. Designed to trigger feelings and shift our focus back to our bodies and tactility, the objects can also be used as aids for meditation. The appearance of the figures is designed based on habits which generate satisfaction, creating a visual stimulation that links with its given textures.

Image Credit: Aron Tsang and Hera Lui, NAPP Studio

Website: NAPP Studio