023 Dusts Catcher

Designed by: Adam Hudec

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that urban areas suffering from high levels of air pollution are most affected by the spread of the virus, as airborne dusts are known to carry chemical and biological contaminants, including viruses that can float in the air for hours, days or even weeks. Yet, the toxicity of the air we breathe is virtually invisible to our senses.

Adam Hudec addresses this with ‘Dusts Catcher’, which collects airborne dust on nanomembrane when inserted into the opening of a fully recyclable folded paper contraption. Placed outdoors, the build-up of particulate matter materialises and transforms otherwise invisible airborne dusts into visible and tangible artistic objects. With the hope to encourage participation in the further understanding of human impact on the environment, the device can be delivered to local communities for collective participation

Image Credit: Adam Hudec

Website: Adam Hudec