022 Social Distance Tape

Designed by: Ole Bouman, Design Society

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust GBA Advisor


Design is a verb, and not much is needed to make it work. In this age of partial lockdowns and social distancing, people are relying more heavily on civic intelligence to open and reorganize public spaces for moments of sharing, exchange and co-creation. 

“The core of design is that it can inspire inspiration into any object and give them new meaning,” says Ole Bouman. In this project by Design Society, tape has been given a new meaning – to create a social distance space called for during COVID-19. Leveraging the ability for tape to connect or attach to any object, social distance space made by tape could be used to separate people from people, while also helping the public maintain order and create common topics. 

Image Credit: Ole Bouman, Design Society

Website: Design Society