014 HOLD

Designed by: Yelta Köm and Elif Cak Köm

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


‘HOLD’ is a multi-sensorial object designed to provide the feeling of community through its physical and social nature. During the pandemic, individuals have lost the opportunity to hug, or simply touch with one another. Yelta Köm and Elif Cak Köm sought to create an object that could help one feel the sense of a warm touch of another, landing on a design based on the negative volume of a hand. The design and production process can take two routes; the first relies on individuals to produce their own negatives using material that take imprints from their own hands; the second is a product made from porcelain, inserted with a microchip with the ability to communicate with other HOLDs through radio signals. One’s ‘HOLD’ will become warmer when there are other HOLDers.

Image Credit: Yelta Köm and Elif Cak Köm

Website: Yelta Köm and Elif Cak Köm