013 A3 Wallet

Designed by: Cyril Lee

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


Cyril Lee’s prototype attempts to explore an ideal upcycling design methodology, identifying that high carbon footprint is often generated from waste-transportation, and the mixing of different materials rendering them no longer down-cyclable.

‘A3 Wallet’ is a full-size, functional DIY wallet constructed with just a single upcycled plastic folder and origami techniques. Using one material with no adhesive of any kind, the wallet remains down-cyclable at the end of its life cycle. As ‘A3 Wallet’ can be made at home, it decentralises the recycling and manufacturing process, reducing the transportation-related carbon emission to minimum. A full tutorial is available online and a hard-copy tutorial comes with a pre-cut template which is also upcycled from local exhibitions.

Image Credit: Cyril Lee

Website: Cyril Lee