008 Escapism

Designed by: Soilworm Lai, Stickyline in collaboration with Vanissa Law

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Seed Grantee


“Isolation” refers to the severance of contact and communication. It is impossible to achieve isolation entirely between people in today’s society.

However, during the virus pandemic the public was forced to be isolated completely. Everyone spent time alone in their own way. 

As an active critique of the quarantine protocols enforced during COVID-19, Stickyline presents ‘Escapism’ in collaboration with sound design Vanissa Law. Using paper and geometry as the media to create this interactive sound device, it allows one to take a short break and to have true solitude.

Image Credit: Soilworm Lai, STICKYLINE in collaboration with Vanissa Law

Website: Stickyline