006 Pocket Garden

Designed by: Julie Progin and Jesse McLin, Julie & Jesse

Design Trust Affiliation: DTFS 2019 Mentee


Pocket Garden play set is a miniature re-interpretation of Julie & Jesse’s Terra Mobiles from DTFS 2019. The palm-sized whimsical porcelain sculptures are underpinned with the historical context of Tiger Balm Gardens with its elements of fantasy and expressions of classical Chinese gardens.

Identifying a shared longing for nature and travel in the time of a pandemic, Pocket Garden reflects on the power of scholar’s rocks to inspire imaginary journeys into worlds reminiscent of Chinese landscape paintings. The sculptures foster the spirit of curiosity, creativity and participation, offering children and adults alike opportunities of communal play and collective wandering. With pieces that can be snapped onto Lego® bricks and wheels, carted around to create gardens and fantastical sceneries, the set is a catalyst to build narratives.

Image Credit: Julie Progin and Jesse McLin, Julie & Jesse

Website: Julie & Jesse