003 Hong Kong Brick

Designed by: Florian Wegenest and Christine Lew

Design Trust Affiliation: DTFS 2019 Mentee/ Design Trust Seed Grantee


Reflecting on the current situation in Hong Kong, Florian Wegenest and Christine Lew have come up with the Hong Kong Brick, a design artefact created from the construction waste of shops that were taken down during the COVID-19 crisis. In the process, small gravel, cement, and glass pieces were collected from different shops around Hong Kong, broken down into smaller fragments, then utilized in a terrazzo casting to create a new brick.

Thinking beyond the immediate crisis, the designers decided to cast a brick form to also feature the duality of bricks as the foundation of rebuilding something new, representing how the past can propel us to create a positive impact for the future. 

Image Credit: Florian Wegenest and Christine Lew, Studio Florian and Christine

Website: Studio Florian and Christine