Holiday Greetings from Design Trust

28. 12. 2017



2018 is just around the corner and our Design Trust team is reflecting on this year’s incredible journey whilst planning and looking forward to another exciting year ahead.

Design Trust continues to enable new conversations, and build opportunities for emerging designers, thinkers and scholars to excel in their work. We are committed to stimulate the positive process of design though research based grants, creative sharing, and engaging communities in the greater pearl river delta region and internationally. With the recent launch of Design Society in Shenzhen in December, featuring our grant recipients’ work, we continue to reach and share with our friends internationally. With new partnerships with the RCA in London, and our continuous collaboration with the M+ museum, we are pleased to support fellows’ access to the greatest curatorial minds in design and architecture.

This special 2017 year marks our 10th year milestone of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, and we have created a new programme called Design Trust Futures Studio – a way to discover what cross-disciplinary initiatives could look like; question how “expertise” could be further developed; and create synergy with young emerging designers to create a voice; in conjunction with established names and designers. We have a lot of talent and young graduates who are busy working during the day, and this programme offered a moment to pause, create with peers and generate new ideas. Also with this launch, we had a great opportunity to collaborate with Storefront for Art & Architecture in New York, to create the first-ever Storefront International Series in Hong Kong; activating a global and Hong Kong-based audience via sharing platforms and cultural walks to understanding “Small is Meaningful” as a design and research proposition.

Ultimately with a goal to focus on future thinking with outcomes that are impactful to society in Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta Region, Design Trust’s philosophy is to make positive contributions with design, and we are excited to plan on 2018 activities that will look at critical making and heritage topics.

Our work is only possible with the great support of our community, trustees, advisors, patrons, funding partners, and the designers, mentees and grantees who work tirelessly to produce new knowledge, and an energetic and vibrant city of Hong Kong.

On behalf of my board and team here at Design Trust, we send our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season ahead, and a very happy new year. See you soon in 2018!

- Marisa Yiu
Co-founder, Executive Director



01 - Sharon de Lyster “The Textile Atlas” 2017. Photo courtesy of Design Trust Seed Grant Recipient Sharon de Lyster

02 - Sharon de Lyster “The Textile Atlas” 2017. Photo courtesy of Design Trust Seed Grant Recipient Sharon de Lyster

03 - Design Trust Futures Studio Public Ideas Review took place on Saturday 8th July 2017 at Spring Workshop

04 - Design Trust Futures Studio – Part(k) of the City. Photo courtesy of Design Trust Futures Studio Gary and team.