Design Trust Seed Grant

Tuk Tuk Revolution

Tuk Tuk Revolution re-imagines the conventions of the Tuk Tuk tricycle and explores its functions as a mobile living space, open-air cinema, art studio, and film school, amongst others. With an aim to connect with communities through cultural events, the project engages, entertains and enriches communities and acts as an incubator for cinematography, visual art, mobile living, and a new educational model.

Through a collaborative and communicative approach, the project creates new dialogues and facilitates exchange of ideas on the multiplicity and simplicity in design and creation. The project also experiments on mobile and tech-nomadic lifestyle and uses the know-how of technology and skills to create a better and more positive difference in mobile living. With the simplicity and functional oriented design of the Tuk Tuk, all parts and components will be sourced in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region. Be it a vehicle or a mobile home, classroom or cinema, the Tuk Tuk Revolution triggers the exploration of an affordable lifestyle on wheels and seeks out the possibility of design as a tool to raise awareness of low cost, low carbon consumption, simple, uncomplicated, open, and adaptable design.


About Lo Koon Man

Lo Koon Man (K.M. Lo) was born in Hong Kong in 1962. He is a filmmaker, experimental artist, technomad, and trainer. Lo studied fashion design and photography and worked in film productions for over 16 years. He later founded the Camp Film Society, focusing on film making training programme for youth in third world regions. A number of feature films from the training programme, including “Moto Thief” and “If Gof Will Send His Angels”, were selected by several international film festivals and coompetitions. His later documentary “Homeless in Japapn” won the Youth Jury Prize in Cinema d’Asia film festival in Vesoul, France 2011.

Since 2002, he ran many workshops and events with NGOs and schools in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. He is currently running a new series “Tuk Tuk Cinema”, a mobile film school by day and open air cinema by night, using a Tuk Tuk as platform and identity. The project has been to 10 countries: China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Laos, Indonesia, and Russia, and held over 30 workshops of different genres, demonstrating guerrilla film making technique and cinematography. The finished film was then screened in the open air cinema. “Tuk Tuk Cinema” had been selected twice to participate in Shop Art Art Shop artist in residence, while Lo had set up an open air cinema and made many short films with village kids in the Himalayan foothill. A blend of film education and community art event, the project reflects Lo’s commitment to provide for kids and youth in developing countries as a fun, self-generated entertainment, art and cultural development as well as career training for them. Besides entry level film workshops, Lo is also conducting master classes for film students and working professionals in cinematography, post-production technology, 3D stereoscopic, guerrilla film making, performance and acting. www.youtube.com/tuktukcinema