Design Trust Seed Grant

Moving Gacang

UpCycling Plus

‘Moving Gacang’ is the first innovation of cargo bike with tools library attached that promote social and urban mobility through upcycling and cycling in Hong Kong and the region. It is made in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong by a group of local trainees, craftsmen and designers, as being a co-learning platform to facilitate upcycling design and craft workshop from everyday products to community facilities. With the vision to present the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ cargo bike to the world, Moving Gacang will be exhibited in the innovation expo at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen, Netherland. Through experience and document the conference on improving city logistics, Cargo Bike Parade and race, volunteering workshops and site visit with makers overseas, the research will be contributing to the enhancement of upcycling workshops and community-building projects in Hong Kong and the region.

The mission of ‘Moving Gacang’ is to respond to this urban growth, to provide mobile resources enforcing initiatives and education with an emphasis on local community empowerment. With tools, skills, knowledge and a riding stylish cargo bike, we hope to inspire people the individual potentiality to the maximum.

About Stephanie Fung

Stephanie Fung is the founder at Seoinim Workshop and co-founder of UpCycling plus. Being an artist and curator, she enjoys the creating, regenerating and transforming processes of objects from recycled materials to vintage with determination on advocating sustainable design and inheritance of craftsmanship. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University, she is currently working at the Hong Kong Fringe Club and worked at Hong Kong International Literary Festival and Bridges Street Centre, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong after her studies. Stephanie engages actively in various community projects in arts and craft, cultural heritage preservation with overseas and local organizations.  

About Upcycling Plus

UpCycling Plus is started by a group of professional artisans, designers and apprentice with the goal to promote social and urban mobility through upcycling and cycling. In addition to providing a co-learning platform for sharing skills and knowledge through guided tours and workshops on craft and design, UpCycling Plus creates a cargo bike ‘Moving Gacang’ that travels through neighborhoods as a mobile makerspace and tools library. We aim to bring creativity, vintage aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship to the public, creating more possibilities in our lives and community. Let’s turn waste into improved taste!

The collaborative team is composed of co- founder Stephanie Fung, Lau Wai Cheong, trainee representatives  Shirley Lam and Isaac Lam.

Lau Wai Cheong, a metalsmith and machinist based in Hong Kong, founder of Cheong Gor's Toolroom (昌哥架生房) known for his excellent craftsmanship of reviving classic bicycles, vintage and repurposing abandoned appliances and machine parts into furniture and decorative art.

Shirley Lam, being a teacher in early childhood education, an artist and designer in craft media with the continued concern of social material , gains special mention of TUNA PRIZE in the graduation exhibition with questioning the edge of art and the value of it in the social area.

Issac Lam, born and raised in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, graduated from Zeta Business school in Hospitality Management. As an outgoing person, he has been participated in various community project as volunteer.