Design Trust Seed Grant

Facing Demolition: a documentation of Pang Jai Fabric Bazaar

Pang Jai architectural documentation group

The covered bazaar sell fabrics, textiles and other fashion-related paraphernalia which is located at the intersection of Yen Chow Street and Lai Chi Kok Road in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. Currently, the bazaar consists of around 50 hawker stalls, they have their own way to set up and maintain their hawker stalls. Pang Jai is a cluster of self-maintain hawker stalls coming together which gives a unique spatial quality, they also represents a unique part of Hong Kong’s fabric industry. However, there is no proper documentation of the physical environment to understand it’s situation. This architectural documentation project aims at fulfilling the absence of a proper architectural documentation. The project uses measured drawings and illustration to reveal its uniqueness. The architectural documentation provides another point of view to look at Pang Jai and emphasizes on the relationship between spatial formation and the built environment.

About Chung Chi Ho

Chung Chi Ho is the co-founder of “Made-to-Measure” and “Pang Jai architectural documentation group” . He with his partners wrote articles with architectural drawings of stairway shop as columnists of Ming Pao in 2018-2019. Also he published the 《廖家雞舍史》– an architectural book of the story of Hong Kong chicken houses for 50 years under the proposal of Conservation of “Blue House Studio”. In 2009, Chung Chi Ho and his partners who are architectural designs, artists, photographers and cultural workers found the”Pang Jai architectural documentation group” and they will show the space and architecture of people half-self-building in Sham Shui Po to the public.