Design Trust Seed Grant

Exploration into Local Sustainable Innovation

FabCafe HK Design Collective

Sustainable development is the advancement of our society to meet human needs and ambitions, maintaining economic growth across all industries, while simultaneously preserving the environment for future generations. Many challenges are facing humankind on a global scale including climate change and ocean pollution, while local challenges are affecting specific regions of the world, like extreme poverty and water scarcity. But which aspects are most pertaining to Hong Kong, and how do we establish conversations around these?

About Chung Ho Wang Harvey

Harvey is a design architect, educator and the co-founder of Loftwork Hong Kong, a company that builds communities to create innovative projects together. He believes that new design methodologies, collective intelligence and co-creation are the keys to create valuable impacts. After graduating from Yale University with a master’s degree, he worked as a design architect with a passion to improve our experience in built environments. Years later, he carried on his professional skills and knowledge into his new venture of innovation and creative business. Harvey continues to teach at the University of Hong Kong, focusing on material, fabrication and design for the department of architecture.

About FabCafe HK Design Collective

We, the FabCafe HK Design Collective, are passionate about sustainable development. We leverage the power of new design methodologies and collective intelligence to constantly challenge the status quo, think ahead and do things differently. We wish to engage with the wider design community and support local initiatives that can create valuable impact.